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Oct 2, 2016
Two prehistoric guys standing around a dead guy on the ground talking about the mushrooms they have eaten. First guy said that George died after eating one, I found a really good earthy, nutty flavor in mine. Third guy says I saw God for a week.
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Feb 20, 2018
Oh Yeah!! Nice idea about the free haul-away. Scavenge and harvest enough sites and you could not only accumulate enough useable studs to frame up a new house, you could also salvage enough intact rafter trusses to create a new roof assembly but also the shingles to cover it and possibly enough particle board or plywood that you could hoard in the walls and rafters. As for plumbing, well, pex tube can be cut out and re cycled, just need new crimp ends for it as the stuff comes to a job site in bulk rolls on bobbins. Too much work to recycle copper but it can be pulled for scrap and the proceeds put towards new pipe and fittings.

Furniture? UH-UH. Mold and pests are too much of a hazard. Clothes? We-ell, a couple of clean 55 gallon drums and some bulk washing soda from the local Menards or Lowes and you can build an old school laundry. Soak them in one barrel, wash them in a second, rinse them in a third. Couple of hundred feet of cheap yellow poly line and you have a clothesline to hang them on to dry. Fold them up and hand them off to the local good will. Plenty of takers for dry clean clothes. You might even get some visitors who'd be interested in doing a load or two of their own stuff. Trade them some labor or an armload or two of firewood for the boiler for some time they can do theirs. Hot water?? plenty of shattered debris that would burn. Couple of old two piece 5 or 10 ton tire rims from the local tire shop for the perimeter of the burn pit. Have them tack welded in a few place to get some height, or depth if you bury it the ground a bit. Use a steel barrel on a chunk of old rock crusher screen and you have a hot water tank. Add a petcock to the side to access the water and transfer it over to the soak, wash, and rinse barrels.

Get real creative and set up a trailer with a bunch of shower heads like we used to do at the major bike meets and offer hot showers. You have all kinds of salvageable material available to both build the shower stalls and put in the plumbing. Bonus idea, barter or trade fire wood or short lengths of damaged lumber for showers. Folks have no money but need to get clean, ones willing to work will appreciate not having to go out of pocket, the lazy ones, well, just park them downwind and let the smell float them away eventually. The water?? Close as the nearest ditch or slough. You're not going to drink it so you just run it through a two part filter made from coarse sand and then fine sand, and then boil it. Gotta boil it anyway for the wash, just get it a few degrees hotter. Put it back in the slough when you're done. EPA complains, "Hey, we're just doing our part to clean up the environment by making sure no contaminants get into the ground water by . Like they'd care. The used water, run a old fire hose and put the end over the nearest storm sewer hatch.

EPA happens to show up and whine about it all, make a point of demanding where they were when the Hurricane came through and what did they do to stop it?? Doubt you would get too much push back from Health or Welfare, it's hard to push some arcane bylaw when you have a bunch of people standing around and either waiting for their turn to take a shower or throw some clothes into the wash and they are all loaded with chunks or broken trees or smashed lengths of stud lumber by way of feeding the kitty. "Ah, gee mister, sorry I dropped that chunk of tree trunk on your head. Got a bit heavy and I lost my grip.....................(Hee, Hee, Hee.)"

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