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Nov 18, 2009
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
I'd loose my @$$ & half my stuff if I tried to trade/get rid of the wife & she's almost two years newer than me.
Mine's nearly 7 years my Jr - and has zero appreciation for my vintage value and high maintenance requirements.


Jul 14, 2015
Mine's 8 years and 5 months younger to the day. I wish I was the high maintenance one
Mine’s been with me so long and since I’ve invested a fortune in her ,I should just keep the old girl forever. Hard to find ‘70’s model.

Wait, I was dreaming she was a plumb crazy Challenger ‘vert with a 4 speed again.

Crap. If I grossly overpriced her value, ya think someone will pony up?


Jul 9, 2019
Happiness isn't found in a day. Be patient and you'll find the car you want eventually. Here's an old codger story for you...I remember a time when you used to have to thumb through Drag Times or Hemming's Motor News (the big dark golden book) back in the day. Weren't no interwebs. Took a LONG time to find, document, and get pictures (mailed to you) and it was just a pain in the butt just to find out it wasn't the car for you. So it could be worse! :)
dude, it has been forever since I thought about Hemmings motor news. thanks for bringing that memory back. I haven't looked in many years but, I wonder if they still print it.


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Sep 30, 2018
Took me a couple decades to find my Grand Prix, but I finally did.

Been offered $5k for it so many times I stopped counting. $7k twice, and $9k once. Granted, the $9k gave me some pause, but I still said no.

Sometimes its tough, but be patient.. you'll find it.

I used SearchTempest and scoured Craigslist across the nation. Tried to stay out of the Winter/Northern Areas (Rust) and more towards the South, but I still looked everywhere. (And there are some Funky GP's out there, lemme tell ya..)

There was one I was seriously going to go look at in South Carolina (I'm in St. Louis) but it got snapped up within a day of finding it listed.

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Sep 14, 2014
Elderton, Pa
dude, it has been forever since I thought about Hemmings motor news. thanks for bringing that memory back. I haven't looked in many years but, I wonder if they still print it.
Sill in print just not as much ads & the front section is more magazine like than in the past. Still pretty big.


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How do you not actually sell a car? List it for double the real value of course!

This thing is Exactly what I'm looking for but it's realistically worth $20K. That's it.

Stock everything sucks and literally thousands need to be thrown at it to make it run safely and not blow the head gaskets out the side of the block.

Paint is probably toast so there's another $5K.

Unfortunate. :(:(
Not sure if this car is still available, or if it’s too far away. But it’s still on FB marketplace. I’m not sure how to post a link so I took a couple screenshots .
All the turbo cars were T-types weren’t they?


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Dec 4, 2014
Hope is sells for full price. It will just make mine more valuable.:giggle:


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Jan 2, 2006
Hope is sells for full price. It will just make mine more valuable.:giggle:
If only it really worked that way. I see it as if that ONE person that would be inclined to dig that deep would be that one fish in the pond that swallowed the most expensive bait. Doesn't mean that bait will work every time or even the next time.

Unfortunately a lot of people hope it worked that way. Statistics wouldn't lie. If average selling prices approach that level, then yeah, valuations would become elevated. A simple bell curve of sales will show you there's people that will pay lots and people that saved a ton. Outliers do not move the average selling prices. Obviously it's great if you ask a lot and you get it, but that's not the norm. I think a version of this bell curve is used on some car buying commercial about how much people pay in a certain area. However their statistical data is calculated.

But because ONE example sold for $$$, everyone else in the world automatically thinks their junk is worth $$$. Not saying your car is junk, I'm simply generalizing that people think their hulk rusting in the backyard is now all of a sudden a piece of gold. There's too many factors to make that generalization. Yet people do it anyway, then when they still have their stuff a year later at those asking prices, they come back to reality and adjust their prices. Or they keep it and it rusts away.

Tangent- I wonder if those people that have that cool car stashed in their backyard for the last 25 year (you know the ones- I'm going to fix that up someday) instantly feel like they'd be getting ripped off when someone actually WANTS that hunk of crap when they ask if they'd sell it. They might feel the sudden interest means their crap is automatically desirable as they haven't followed any trends and make that leap. Hence, rather than "miss the boat" and feel slighted by selling you that rotting GN for 150 bucks, and finding out later it was worth 2,000, they'd balk at any ask to sell because they haven't been following the trends. Doesn't always happen, but a lot of times it does.

The natural supply and demand will always rule the day, regardless of what is being bought/sold if it's in a true free market where everyone works in their own best interest economically (invisible hand theory). Since they're not making these cars any more, the supply dwindles away for every one that's totaled or rusts away. The question is really whether there's enough demand to float the asking prices. Just because there's a small supply doesn't mean demand goes up. (Think Yugo).

With all that BS said--- Good Luck With The Sale! :)

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