Keeping big block under the hood


Aug 1, 2022
x2 Video reminded me so much of mine. Thank you for sharing!!! I miss my "turned into rust bucket" 86MCSS BBC 396 M20 w 3.73 posi. Gave up when I discovered the beyond my abilities gaping rust holes above the a/c box. Some of the underhood bracing had to be cut to clear the BBC truck serpentine. The power steering pulley would make contact with the pinion adjustment on the power steering on very hard shifts!!! Was going to use a smaller pulley from a thirdgen camaro I acquired but never installed. Daily drove it to work for about five years circa '98-'03.


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Jul 2, 2022
Monroe Wisconsin
I have done a boatload of research since starting this thread and have come to the conclusion that my rat needs to breathe. I came across a 2 inch cowl hood that actually looks quite natural. I wanted the original hood for that stealth look but let's be real, the exhaust note will clearly tell the tale. Thanks to all who replied!
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