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Sep 28, 2022
After 25 years away I have another Cutlass. This time it is for my son and it will be his school car next fall. My first car was a brown ‘84 Brougham V6 that I didn’t treat very good. Later I had an ‘81 w/ a late 70’s Chevy 350 in it. That car was a lot of fun and I always regretted not keeping it around. After looking at quite a few Camaros, Firebirds, Monte Carlos, etc. he chose an ‘83 T-top Calais w/ a 69 Olds 350 that someone put Hurst/Olds decals on. Sadly the car is not as nice as the seller described it so I didn’t get the deal I thought I was getting but it’s nice enough for a high school parking lot. I drove 9 hrs to MN to pick it up and had it been a car for me I would have went home with an empty trailer. Mechanically the car is very solid and besides the engine, trans & rear nothing else has been molested. My son is interested in engineering so the plan is for us to work on the car together so he can gain some mechanical skills. Looks like after going through the brakes, shocks, etc. we will be starting with the interior And also replacing the weatherstripping. The drivers seat bottom is thread bare & the back seat has a large burn hole in it, headliner of course, but otherwise the interior looks good, it just smells like Joe Camels trash can. The car was advertised as having an old but show quality paint job which is far from the truth. My body man may stop being my friend if the day ever comes that he has to do work to the car, looks like there’s going to be some surprises under the paint. Anyways I look forward to finding help and inspiration from this forum as we progress through our journey.


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Mar 20, 2020
Looks good the time you spend working on it with your son priceless
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Sep 27, 2021
Mesa, AZ
Welcome to the GbodyForum!
By the look on your son's face, he is pretty excited to get started. He will have one of the best cars in the High School parking lot. Your Cutlass looks to be in good shape overall. And he picked the T-top (because T-tops are cool). We are here to help get your car where you want it to be.
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