Open end box end rachet wrench


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Apr 28, 2016
And shortened spark plug socket combo.

I had a local engine maching shop tig weld the 11" wrench(Capri 3/4'') and socket(truecraft 5/8'') toghether.

I got tired of fumbling the socket with the tip of my fingers, trying to hold it in place on the spark plug itself around 5 of the 8 header tubes, fearing it would drop to the floor before i had a chance to work the racheting box end of the wrench onto the socket.

Now its welded together, and the nice thing is, the head is angled backwards, thats the way it was originally built, so the rest of the wrench has more clearence away from the header flange, i've been dealing with this aggrivation for the longest time, im surprised i didnt think about this sooner.


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    wrench socket combo 1.JPG
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    wrench socket combo 2.JPG
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    wrench socket combo 3.JPG
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