proportioning (Combination) valve

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    you loosen it 1/4 turn and it has a check ball in it so it releases the brake fluid and shut off when the pressure is released..I gravity bleed while nursing a beer then finish it up with the speed bleeders. I bought the first set from a speed shop a few years ago then they were just new up here so they cost me close to $40 for the 4 but now they are at the local parts store on the help rack for about $24 for 4

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    After reading all the posts I have a theory on what happened.
    My car sat for 5 months without front calipers, the proportioning valve eventually moved so all the fluid was redirected toward the rear. Thinking back I really didn't notice a *whole* lot of pressure on the front calipers while pressure bleeding them. That's probably why they feel real squishy while I'm driving too, only the rears are being engaged. Some how the valve is probably stuck and not letting most of the fluid be directed toward the front. I'll try a few of the recommendations posted above or just get a new OEM and be done with it. Thanks for all your help.
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    Let us know what you come up with!

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