Regal with a stick

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Sep 1, 2018
Southern New Jersey near Philly
I have yet to see any factory stick Monte's in western Pa but somewhere out there a few could be floating around.
I have seen 4 factory stick Monte's. All of them were originally 305 4 speeds. I used to look for the 78-80 Monte's in the junk yards because they typically would have options on them that the Malibus wouldn't (delay wipers, gauge packages, cruise control, bucket seats, etc. In all the years of looking, I have only seen one with a Buick V6 and it was an 80 turbo. Seems most of the 78-80's around here either had the Chevy V6 or the 305. Not sure why. Here is one of the ones I saw .


G-Body Guru
Sep 1, 2018
Southern New Jersey near Philly
Here's what was available in 78 for Olds. Note the gear ratios for the 5 speed are different than the gear ratios listed in the service manual for some odd reason.
Thats a very interesting piece you posted. Thank you for posting it.
It is interesting to see that the Buick V6 was available with the 3 speed and the 5 speed, but not the 4 speed.
It is also interesting to see the 3 and 4 speed 1st gear ratios as 3.11 on both of them. On the Chevrolets, they were 3.50 for the 3 speed and 2.85 for the 4 speed. This I can attest I have 3 factory 4 speed gear boxes and 1 3 speed.
But it is interesting to see that each division was still doing things slightly different from each other.


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Oct 20, 2018
Thats all great info indeed !


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Apr 7, 2017
Brick NJ
When I was younger I worked at a used car lot that mainly delt in mucle cars however g-bodys still had book value at the time and we bought and sold many of them. In fact that's how I got my daughter's Hurst Olds. Anyway we had a number of stick 78-80 A's the ones I remember well wer mostly 6 cylinder 3 speed Malibu's we did have a black with red buckets console 4 door aroback Cutlass with a 305 Chevy and a 5speed I remember it well because it was so odd the owner of the lot drove it for a few years we all liked it but it was rough and he sold it to a stock car guy. I'm guessing it got cut up for street stock. Another odd one was a 442 5speed 260 aroback white and blue. My first boss when I was a deckhand on a lobster boat out of shark river had a black El Camino SS with a 4 speed that he used to haul bait. And when I worked a5 my uncle's junkyard/body shop I parted out a grand LeMans 2 door that had a Buick v6 and a 3 speed with a bench seat black with tan interior no kind of options. I parted it to build a 81 Cutlass 454 with a super T10 To this day one of the last cars left at what was my uncle's yard is a red El Camino SS with a 4 speed I posted pictures of it in another thread but I don't remember where.
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