Replacing Interior Headliner


Sep 1, 2017
Greetings all.

One of the main cosmetic issues with my newly purchased 86 Cutlass Supreme is the headliner was pulled out and the foam underneath is obviously old and in bad shape.

Was looking online for where to get a replacement, any suggestions? I have the cloth, but the foam like I said is garbage. I guess maybe the cloth could be used again - looking for suggestions.



Jeff L

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Nov 20, 2016
Southern AZ
I know a few of the vendors listed on this forum sell replacements with or without cloth. I have had good luck with Mike’s Montes in buying parts.

Mine is due to be replaced because the AZ heat just dried it out. My car is garaged most of the time but the dry heat out here plays havoc on rubber seals, etc. I have been interested in the one piece plastic replacements with cloth for I think around $200 when I do mine eventually. Like I wrote earlier Mike’s Montes, OPGI, and a few others sell the stuff you need to do a new headliner.

Plus make sure you have new clips since it sounds like a bunch break when taking it out?
Aug 8, 2011
The headliner material is foam backed from the factory and the foam is what gets glued to the headliner board, typically the foam breaks down and the material separates over time from age and heat etc.
I bought my matching headliner from Stock Interiors and they will send you free samples so you can accurately match your current headliner but it is available from numerous vendors.
You will have to thoroughly clean the foam off your headliner board and 3M makes a really good adhesive spray for headliners.
It is a time consuming process but I did mine for about $60 in materials.


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Apr 7, 2017
Brick NJ
The correct fabric comes with the fome on it. My neighbor dose interior work for a living I'll ask him the name of the company that makes that stuff. To replace it you remove the backer board from the car and use a wire brush to remove the old fome then you use spray glue to put the new material on it's pretty straight forward

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