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Mar 8, 2011
Dubuque Iowa
Hi all ,
I recently put new headers on my 80 malibu and didn't pay attention and burnt up all the wiring going to starter . With the stock wiring there were two wires going into a plastic block then coming out was the fusible link I couldn't find a butt connector that would fit both wires into it so I wired them separate with both having its own fusible link now when I start the car it turns over hard and when I turn the key off the starter keeps cranking could someone please tell me what I did wrong I would really appreciate it . P.s. 355 chevy engine stock starter
Thanks guys casey


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Mar 15, 2012
Purple wire goes from firewall connector (AKA C100 or circuit#6) to the starter solenoid (which is attached to the starter). When you turn key to start the purple wire should become hot. If starter continues to crank after key is NOT in the start position then power is coming from somewhere else (for example, purple and another wire melted together. Inspect harness, especially purple wire, from firewall to starter solenoid. IOW, take plastic conduit and inspect every inch.

In order to repair red power feed wires (AKA circuit#2), I would obtain fusible links, solder fusible links to 3/8 ring terminal, heat shrink connection between ring terminal and fusible link, solder other end of fusible links to existing red power feed wires, and then heat shrink that solder joint. In addition, I would use heat resistant shielding over the power feed wires (in order to hopefully prevent this from happening again). Finally, i would attach battery cable to wire loops on frame and block to keep them away from headers.


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Mar 10, 2010
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It should look something like this when its done.
The OEM starter wire is 12AWG. Fusible link wire should be two sizes smaller. For 12AWG Im pretty sure its going to be black like in this picture. I redid this before I used it so now both links are correct. I used crimp style butt connectors that have built in shrink tubing. Then I used marine grade shrink tubing with adhesive on top of that.
The fusible link wire should be close to the length of the original. Its figured with a specific load when its designed.


This is what it replaced. Note one wire is shorter.

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Mar 15, 2012
Another alternative is to use an old time Ford starter solenoid. Mount the Ford solenoid near the battery. Then run fusible links and power feeds from Ford solenoid (battery side of solenoid). Then you will need to extend purple wire to Ford solenoid and install a permanent wire from starter ring terminal to starter solenoid. Food for thought.
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