T56 reverse lockout

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Mar 30, 2020
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I installed a T56 Magnum into a 93 Mustang that I had before my G body. I drove it for 2 years without the solenoid, then the next 2 years with a light spring.

If you are a true 4rth, up, over and up to 5th kind of driver. I could see the concern.
I never worried about it since I'm a 4rth and straight up with a slight pressure to the right kind of driver. You will NEVER go into the reverse gate with this method.

The only time it may be an issue is coasting in neutral and you want 5th. In this case you may enter the reverse gate but you can feel the heavier spring resistance to the gate. Which is still not reverse, you need to be in that gate, then go up.

The light spring is a great option but it must be heavier than the spring that centers the shifter to the 3, 4 gate.

Straight up and slightly over. Do not Z shift the 2 to 3 or 4 to 5.

I have a little vid of the 2 to 3. This car had 3.27 gears and 26" tire. A speedy 4 to 5 rarely happened.



Jun 15, 2012
Florida Beach
The T56 has this pattern plate with this piece here on the main Shift Rail that has a little tab on the bottom of it. That tab rides in the grooves, hence hitting each gate right. There is a ball on a spring that rides in there too, you can see some of the detents. The neutral gate between 3&4 is deeper than the rest, why the shifter likes to go there as home position.


Just snapped this pic of a spare case have, these don't come out when you build them.

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