Tremec TKX Swap Time!


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Jan 29, 2016
Ottawa, Canada
Looks awesome , what headers are you running?
The headers are a set of Headman Headers I bought years ago from Fireball Coatings that was old stock and they coated them for me. I don't think the exact ones are available now. But they fit the G-Body's with a manual transmission.
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Jun 12, 2015
I really like how their clutch pedal setup looks, but I built my own when I did my T5 swap a few years ago. I ended up using the F-Body pedal setup for external hydraulic clutch cylinder. I had to fabricate some supports for the firewall, but it was pretty easy.

I recently went to a TKX, from American Powertrain, for my 85 SS using the T5/700r4 crossmember from Summit I already had, I used a fitting to convert to a Hydraulic throw out bearing. The trans fits in super well, plenty of space all around. I used these headers from Summit:, but I really should've went with some ceramic coated ones, which would be these:
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