What did someone give you for your G body today (2019)



Jan 31, 2018
Oshawa, Ontario
First off, my apologies if there is already a thread like this. I searched and did not find one...

Earlier today, the Mrs and I drove the Cutty to a local park on the shore of Lake Ontario. It was daylight, so don't get too excited about what happened next. A stranger drove up and asked if it was an 88. I replied its an 87. He asked me if I was interested in a bra. When I realized he was not commenting on my moobs, I said sure, how much? I'm not a big fan of bras as fashion accessories for cars, however I thought that on some country roads, it could save the header from getting chipped. Anyhow, he replied that he just wanted it out of his garage since he no longer had his 88. I said sure, so I followed him home to the next town. He showed it to me, almost new condition, even has "Cutlass" discretely printed on it. To boot, he had an intake extension that fits my snorkel. I offered him the standard fee for an unpriced favour, the beer of his choice. He insisted I just take it. I replied that when he sees me driving around, he can be satisfied that he contributed to my car.

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