What did you do at work today?

On a week-long pipe job for New West Freightliner. Used to do these all the time, but have been a little too good at the mechanical repairs lately or something. I’m a little rusty, but it’s coming back quickly.

Started hanging pipe today, this’ll be a complete loop with one branch run and 9 drops. It’s the blue pipe in case it wasn’t obvious.

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Panoramic view of the whole shop:

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View attachment 204765

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The interesting part is going to be hanging it over the staircase with a wall penetration into a training room on the other side.

Then of course, I’ve gotta tie in their old compressor, recommission it, and do a service on it as it hasn’t been touched since 2019. 😕

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ahhhh, so you're laying lots of pipe are you, eh? guess that's why they hired you instead of Wabasha Plumbing... 😁
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Must be nice to have a nice clean floor to work with and free of various and sundry mechanical obstructions. Note the cherry picker; lots easier and safer than humping up and down ladders.

No work today; out of the rotation for the week. Supposed to be out for around nine days but already got a warning notice for next Monday. They keep calling and I keep working. Win for me; pays the bills.


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Couple of side jobs from the past week.
A 55 I painted in Hot rod black. I started it last week and finished it monday
A Porsche race car front end that I ended up only doing the repair and someone else painted it.
My truck that I finally shot some paint on from last year.


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Found out Saturday that my Monday shift had been cancelled. Sucks to lose the day but gives me some running room for other matters.

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Spent 6 hours dodging hydrofluoric acid droplets while modifying a wet bench. Doesn't give you that warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach... HF is some nasty acid.

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Hazard pay!
Speaking of hazard pay, can we somehow turn the tables on the bosses wanting you to fix your truck and it being in the bay, ad, you being able to claim the project has made it a hostile work environment? Get a bump up to 'shop owner'
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Started the morning helping set up the Dot's spot for the Indiana Co. fair. Then after lunch took one of the guys over to the International dealer in Johnstown to pick up one of the new trucks that was on a recall list.
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