What did you do to your non-G body project today


Royal Smart Person
Oct 25, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO
Another LS1Tech copy/paste. It's cram time, practice Friday and race Saturday/Sunday!

Today I sent the fuel neck down the rest of the way with brute force, WD40, and another obligatory sacrifice to the blood gods. In addition, I nailed the alignment down. I got it DAMN close last night with the tape measure and eyeball. The wheel was only slightly left of center and I was able to get it right by reeling in that 3/16" of toe out by necking it down to 1/16" on the right side. Next I set my sights on the right rear wheel. I put the car on stands, in gear, running, and observed movement on the right side that I didn't see on the left. I then swapped wheels and repeated, the problem didn't exactly track. It was so inconclusive I wasn't sure what to make of it, so I called a friend and he suggested the dial indicator. Duh! So I set it up the lazy way at first on the brake rotor and got 12ish thou of lateral runout. Fail. I then tore the brakes off and repeated at the axle flange.


Both lateral and radial are at or under 5 thou, so I believe my issue is the wheel(s?) itself. Gonna have the rim runout measured going forward with tire mountings. For now? Send it!


Royal Smart Person
Oct 25, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO
'Nuther copy/paste.

Got the car tech'd today, that's a mental load off. Also received my AiM SoloII DL.


If I can get the laptop to play ball I'm in business. This thing should be a game changer. For that to happen I think I need to shoehorn a Windows 10 upgrade into my already tight schedule. Still need to pump a liter of brake fluid through the system along with some other piddly stuff. And do my j-o-b. We do this for fun, right?


Royal Smart Person
Jun 24, 2008
Did an oil change and even thought about installing an NOS hose until I discovered a few fouled plugs on one side checking things over...
Now gave to pull the intake and reseal, pulling oil from the lifter valley.


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Nov 15, 2014
Des Moines, Iowa
Tried and failed to diagnose a weird massive stumble my truck has. It will quite literally studder, stop for about 5 seconds, stutter, stop, and repeat if I give it any more than half throttle. Elevation changes makes it worse. Up, down, sudden acceleration, hates it.
Plugs look like this. Never had a plug look like this before. What's the deal? Is it running lean and burning oil at the same time? The stuff is burnt on good. Had to chip it off with my nail.
It's a 45 year old truck so weird things are to be expected but even the old plugs weren't this bad.


G-Body Guru
Supporting Member
Feb 20, 2018
HEY! Gimme a break here. Just rolled out of the rack and haven't even had brekkie yet, never mind wandered out to the shop.

Did manage yesterday to finally finish cutting and lifting all the sod I needed to remove to gain the room I want to create a larger patio/paver stone outside work area in front of the garden garage doors. Next step is to acquire the pavers themselves and lay them in.

Before that can happen I have to finish my "other" project, that wheeler/dolly that I commented about earlier. Have all the sections of tube cut and scored some weld ells so the next step is to fit the tube and clean it up to accept being tacked and then fit it all together. Most of the joints are going to either get bushings or sleeves of the same material and thickness as the tube to increase the overall thickness at the weld joints for strength. This is a both a safety issue and a way to avoid burn through, the tube is only .060 wall whereas the fittings are .140 or heavier. The heat that the ells can soak up is a lot greater than what the tube will take, so making the tube "thicker" by adding a sleeve or bushing gives me an end run around the issue. Once I cut and fit the bushings, the outer tube gets drilled so that I can plug weld the inner material to the outer. Not gonna move, nevah again, no mo. Oh yeah, pictures...…………………(Sound of crickets and snoring) yeah, yeah, probably when I get enough of it tacked together so anyone taking a peek gets the general idea here.

No movement on the cribbing. I need the exterior work space to set up a production line to cut the wood for the rails and stiles. Problem is that the local Weatherheads just keep sniveling about snow and rain and cold and BLEAH!!! Ever time a dose of that sh** gets dumped on my parade it takes a day or two for the ground to thaw and then dry out so no interval between sh*t one and s!it two; it just keeps coming. Did manage to get the shop warm enough to turn off the heat for the season. see what that does to the gas bill. No plans to make the cuts in the shop; sawdust and welding sparks do NOT get along and I would purely hate to have to explain to the fire investigators and the insurance mooks that I was the author of my own misfortune here. They have no sense of humour; think it got stolen by a scanner.



Nov 15, 2014
Des Moines, Iowa
fresh plugs and truck runs as it did. I also had a hell o f a time replacing the three passenger side freeze plugs as they had all rotted through.
Starter off, motor mounts off, raise engine, pop plug out, get water everywhere, scoop out rusty sh*t, scream for 3 hours trying to get one plug in, decide to do the other 2 on that side, then reverse process. no leaks yet. knock on wood.


G-Body Guru
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Sep 5, 2019
Cleaned up the grunge & old paint on the Model-A motor. It still had overspray on the back of the block from it's partial restoration sometime in the late 50's. It's crazy how good of shape everything is on this little buggy. This car basically had <3k miles after being rebuilt @ that time w/most of those miles accumulated in recent years doing some Model-A club 'Texas Tours'. Plan is just to clean-up things (had a questionable/leaking head gasket), swap on a higher compression (later model) 'B' head & cam combo, & period correct appearing electronic ignition. We're also swapping rear end set-ups for some milder gears to help rpms on a budget. My buddy spent the coin for a 4spd set-up (3spd w/OD) for his car & it has 3.54's. My car has the OG 3spd/3.78 combo. We'll be swapping things between the two so his doesn't lug & mine will fair a little better on the highway. Mine will be getting different wheel/tires (shorter) so the milder gears really will help the rpm's.

Once it's moving under it's own power, I'll re-focus on the altitude & rolling stock along w/full fluids & brake servicing. Learning a lot about these little cars!


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