Zero visibility, so, drive faster?!?


Sep 18, 2009
Queens, NY
I'm sure you have all heard about the horrific crash on I-81 in Pennsylvania. What I don't understand is if it is snowing and foggy you can't see 100 feet- why don't you slow down? If you look at this video all you see is trucks and cars ramming into the stopped vehicles as if they aren't even there. I have been stuck in the mountains up on the PA Turnpike extension in Wilkes-Barre. It snowed, melted, and ice coated the road. A tractor trailer leaped the center guard-rail and the cab was on one side and the trailer on the other. Once they let us proceed everyone went maybe 20 mph and with flashers on all the way down the mountain to I-80. What were these folks thinking? Spidereyes455 this is in your backyard. I know what that road is like in the best of conditions.
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Sep 2, 2011
Cheektowaga, New York
Sadly it comes down to common sense.
Anti-lock brakes and 4 wheel drive is a excuse I had heard at many winter accident scenes when I was a member of the volunteer fire company here in Cheektowaga. You look at a lot of these videos like the one on I-80 in Wyoming in 2015...people do not drive according to the road conditions anymore.
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Jul 23, 2018
more importantly, what were the idiot truckers thinking? they should have known better being "professional drivers"

and the guy recording video whining about his car? finally says after 2 minutes "I gotta go and see if I can help"

and no one pulled off the road once they wrecked, just pulled to the shoulder, if that
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Know it all, that doesn't
May 22, 2011
Central NY
Literally just got off rt81 on my way home from work, but in NY. A VAST majority of drivers, can't drive... :(


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Jun 27, 2017
Pgh, PA
Reading the title I figured it was about this, what's crazy to me is people after the fact hang around close to the vehicles. I seen one where the dude luckily just barely hopped out of the way right before a tractor trailer smashed into another one. A month or 2 ago run up to Ohio to get a truck for a buddy, on the way there we pass someone broke down on the highway in the fast lane with a jersey barrier right there. The two women were dumb enough to be sitting right back at the bumper of the car, I was waiting to hear about them getting clipped
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Oct 7, 2015
We have these white outs regularly, yes slow down but please don’t stop in the middle of the road!
many a times people freak out and stop blocking the road which to me is just as bad as going to fast.
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Clone TIE Pilot

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Aug 14, 2011
Galaxy far far away
Doesn't surprise me, people speed like crazy all the time anymore. I been tailgated for slowing down in bad weather and in road construction zones, even while driving the white P71. I suspect one of the reasons DOTs oversalt roads so much is because they know people won't slow down. Speed, speed, and speed some more then cry when their stupidity catches up to them. This could be a side effect of the ever increasing HP levels in new cars in that it encourages more reckless driving. Combined with a false sense of safety from all the nanny tech.

Many truck drivers anymore are Russians who can barely read English and most can't speak it.
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Olds G's

Apr 6, 2020
If I can choose, I'll stay home on such days. Sometimes there is no choice. I know that squalls sneak up on you sometimes, there is no choice but to slow down and be cautious of yourself and others. Snow, fog, heavy rain... we all know the drill here on this site; we have RWD cars. Be careful and care for one another when you can.
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Jan 4, 2009
Wellston, OK
I think most of these people trust the ones ahead of them...and then it's too late. I operate on the "trust no one" principal in these situations

Agree on people being stupid standing near these accidents .....FFS get up away from it where you might have a chance of surviving
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