1. ThePatriot

    What is my 1980 Malibu Classic worth?

    I have one of those hard, no absolute right answer questions that have likely been asked many times before but the answers are market/time driven. What is my 1980 Malibu Classic worth? She’s been in the family since 1988 and one of my most treasured cars, but the time has come to thin the herd...
  2. 58DE0C87-AF28-43ED-BC7F-3B4B08D4A50E.jpeg


  3. CaliWagon83

    Favorite/Least Favorite Things about G-Body Cars

    Just curious to know what your guys' favorite/least favorite things about G-Body vehicles are. Here's my list: Favorite: - Will accommodate almost any engine swap - Last of the body-on-frame midsize cars - Decent aftermarket support - Not "played-out" in the custom scene - Somewhat affordable...
  4. liquidh8

    78 Olds front lower air damn ideas

    Well, since the wagon is now in paint, it have to start thinking about what it am going to do for the lower air damn. Since it am running the LC2 engine, and using a precision stock location intercooler, it want to fab something up similar to the Grand National. Any one have any photo ideas...
  5. B

    Fender Exit Headers Help!

    im looking to make fender exit headers for my 85 grand prix. was wondering how any of you guys have done it or had it done, the more pictures i can look at the better, and what brand kits or what companies you guys prefer. i can probably squeeze them in without doing a major notch to the...
  6. liquidh8

    New Vintage USA (NVU) Gauges and Indicators

    Has anyone used this company? I am looking to get their indicator panel and gauge for the wagon. I really hate just having unlabeled LEDs on the dash for different functions. And, having unlabeled switches for things. It won't be super cheap I am sure, but it would be...
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