1. Stevemac10

    Grounding the gauges

    Need help with gauge gremlin. Sometimes when I turn my headlights on the gauges peg out and the gauge lights don’t come on.usually I hit the bottom of the dash To get them I figure a bad ground. but I can’t seem to locate where the bad ground is. I’ve ran isolated grounds for the...
  2. Kolbey Baltz

    Tach install in Factory Clock car

    Okay so I have two *wiring* questions: 1.) I FINALLY got the elusive silver faced tachometer cluster for my ‘78 LS swapped Pontiac. I swapped the tach with my clock setup and changed the “clips” on the circuit tape to match the tach cluster I removed the tach from. Soldered a jumper for V8...
  3. CaliWagon83

    Keep '78-'83 Style Radio, or Go 1.5 DIN?

    Would like some advice and input from you guys in terms of doing an interior facelift on the wagon. '83 was the last year of the wagon, and it has the older-style '78-'83 gauges and center stack. I already have an '84-'87 style gauge cluster and bezel, which is required to fit the Dakota Digital...
  4. CaliWagon83

    Regal Gauge Housing - Is there a difference between '78-'83 and '84-'87?

    Hoping someone might be able to shed a little light on something for me. I'm looking to do the Dakota Digital VHX gauges on my wagon eventually. The installation instructions say in order to do the install on a '78-'83, that you need the gauge housing from an '84-'87 model. However, a piece...
  5. CaliWagon83

    Electrical/gauge system change in '84?

    There are a lot of cool gauge clusters out there for G-Bodies and specifically the Regal, but I'm noticing in the fine print that a lot of them are made to work in '84 and newer models. Was there a big electrical system architecture change in '84? I know for the Dakota Digital VHX, it requires...
  6. Jadenk


    has anyone bought the A pillar pod for the gbody? if so how did you get them to fit? I just got mine and went to test fit it and it is wide compared to the factory a pillar trim.. if anyone has any advice or tips let me know
  7. liquidh8

    New Vintage USA (NVU) Gauges and Indicators

    Has anyone used this company? I am looking to get their indicator panel and gauge for the wagon. I really hate just having unlabeled LEDs on the dash for different functions. And, having unlabeled switches for things. It won't be super cheap I am sure, but it would be...
  8. Econman

    Need help asap! Gauge cluster issue

    I hate for my first help request to have an urgency associated with it, but I'm in a pinch. So here goes: When I recently installed a crate 350 in my 82 MC, I used an eddy 1406 and a new hei with vacuum advance. I did an ecu delete. The voltage going to my gauges (oil pressure, fuel gauge...

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