1. yennchi45

    Lets see those bucket seats

    I'm in the process of looking for some seats for my cutlass. Not really sure what style I want to go and not really worried about having to make them fit. that's no problem. Just would really like to see what you guys are using and setups to help me out. Thanks
  2. CaliWagon83

    Which Gs had factory-reclining seats?

    I know my wagon's seats don't recline, and it sounds like for most of the Gs, the seats were non-reclining. Which models came with factory-reclining seats, if any? Secondly, are there any vendors that sell reproduction or rebuilt reclining seats?
  3. oldmansmonte

    Scored some cheap bucket seats today

    Got 2 86-88 Monte SS bucket seats in pretty good condition today for $75. Pics don't quite do them justice, they are nicer in person. For that price I figure I'll just hang onto them, reupholster them at my leisure and do a bucket project in the future.
  4. smokybob

    Seats, I know....

    Brand new here. I have a 1978 Monte Carlo im redoing. Will Cadillac seats from a Fleetwood or deville fit into a Gbody? I have heard different things from people. Has anyone here tried something like this? I have buckets right now.
  5. liquidh8

    2003 Monte SS seats in G-body

    I have searched some old threads, and even looked over at, but no real pictures. Here's the deal, I have a 2003 Monte SS High Sport that just turned into a parts car, for the better shape 2003 Monte SS High sport I just bought. This is my daughters car. Anyway, I kinda dig the...
  6. Charles82malibu

    Will the seats out of an 87 Monte Carlo fit in an 82 malibu

    Hey, I own a 1982 Chevrolet Malibu classic 4 door that I am looking to put a b&m ratchet shifter in, but my car has a bench seat in it so it won't work. As of right now I know where there is a set of reclining bucket seats out of a 1987 Monte Carlo for sale and I was wondering if they would bolt...

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