1. calli.uwu

    Cutlass Vortec swap

    I've got an '86 Cutlass Supreme with a junkyard 1987 307 (because I threw a rod in the og 307) and this engine isn't far from death. I'm thinking of doing a junkyard Vortec swap to it and I am not very knowledgeable with engine swaps this big. Anybody got any tips? Also, what kind of Vortec...
  2. Bobbystill

    3rd gen Camaro water pump pulley

    So this is obviously not right. Here's the info: Block: 1996 up vortec 350 with iron vortec heads. Serpentine accessories: both aluminum brackets, ac compressor, alternator, crank pulley, and water pump from a 3rd gen Camaro Water pump pulley: supposedly from the same Camaro donor car. Does...
  3. Grand prix 80

    80 grand prix sj vortec swap

    I got a 1980 grand prix that I bought I love G bodys. Engine was junk I knew that buying it. I bought a 98 gmc yukon 5.7 that I'm in progress of converting over to carburation I'm pretty close. I know I cant use the stock pontiac trans. But I thought I ask what others used I know where i can get...
  4. D

    What motor should I go with?

    So I am still searching for a G body SS Monte Carlo but I am having trouble trying to decide what motor should I go about putting in it as well as trans. My original idea was to just get a 350 and swap the heads and can so I can still have a decent amount of power, because I highly doubt that...
  5. B

    350 vortec swap in my monte carlo aerocoupe

    Hi everyone, I picked up my 87 aerocoupe from a friends back yard a few months ago, and put new battery belts etc on it. Long story short the engine is seized and I'm looking for a 350 4 bolt for it. I found a 350 vortec block, and was wondering if there was any difference between the regular...
  6. D

    86 El Camino 5.7 vortec swap

    So here is my question. Is there a fuel tank that I can use for example. Regal ,Monte Carlo that will accept the fuel pump out of a 96 pick up
  7. lelanb

    Thinking about Vortec heads...

    So my 85 cutlass has what im 90 percent sure is a lt9 (truck 350) swapped into it and a th350 transmission with a shift kit. The past owner had a cam installed during the rebuild which im 90 percent sure is a 260h comp cam. (seems like he really wanted a truck). Would i be able to get a pair...
  8. ssn696

    Build Your Own Ram Jet 350

    I was just reading about a fellow that had built many 87-02 Vortec-based 350s. He likes the RJ350 cam , GM #14097395. Here is where that cam is used. I have collected the parts to build my own Ram Jet, and I spent under $3000. I think the top end, wire harness, and ECU are still for sale...
  9. ssn696

    Recipe for a DIY ZZ1-ZZ4 350 (up to 355 HP)

    Here is another parts list to build up your own GM crate engine for less that crate prices. I know the market is moving towards the LS as the new 350, but there are plenty of us out there who are more than happy with an old-school 350 under the hood. And if you are on a budget, notice how the...
  10. ssn696

    Recipe for a 300 HP 350

    There have been a number of threads recently focusing on Vortec heads, what to do with a stock 305, cheap 350 builds, etc. I might well be the only car-building nerd on the Forum, but in case there are others, here is the GM parts list to build your own hydraulic-lifter 350 using GM parts...

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