Buick 3.8 to Buick 350-1981 Century Wagon Build

Well Rustoleum Hunt Club Green is a much closer color match...
The wind made it challenging but I hammered two cans worth on there lol


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I completely forgot about this project. I remember how great the Buick 350 was in our '68 LeSabre. It's got to be killer in a G-body! And a wagon just seals the deal.
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Barn-fresh and finally back from the exhaust shop!
They ran the pipes out under the bumper instead of behind the tires like I asked, but otherwise I'm happy... If I was planning to keep it maybe I'd be upset...
Now to replace the leaky power steering hose and clean it up!

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Got the leaking power steering hose replaced yesterday...
Noticed that the fan is touching the shroud again so I'll have to try and squeeze some more adjustment out of it before I hit the road for a test drive.
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Still cleans up half decent!
Went for a 30 mile or so test drive last weekend and it smokes a little bit but it runs great!










I think I'm gonna take it to the show formerly known as Car Craft next weekend to see if I can find a buyer... Still tinkering with it a bit as I go but it's ready!
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Put about 350+ miles on the car cruising around town the last couple weeks... Ran great!
Today it went off to it's new home.
Time to play with the other cars!
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