Build Thread: '87 442 . . . Time to turn and stop


Pablo’s Buick Garage

Jan 14, 2019
Have to go back and look if I updated? I actually did not end up buying the "kit" from UMI. A lot of it though. And, since I found that 67 442 I had to have that needs springs and shocks [among other things] and they fit, I moved the Eibach Springs and Bilstein AKs from my 87 build over to it and went with Viking adjustable COs up front with the matching discrete Viking rear shock and spring. Well, minus the matching rear springs, here they are . . .

Maybe when I get the frame and body separated and those mods done, I'll update the build list as I am putting it back together again . . . [do it twice!]!

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Those are my next purchase. Those are nice.

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