First year for 200R4 in a G body?

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Dec 18, 2005
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Does anyone here know the first year that GM installed the 200R4 transmission in a G body. I was looking at an ad this week for an '82 Cutlass, and the seller says the car has a 200R4 transmission. As far as I know, I think it was 1983, with the Hurst Olds, but I'm not 100% sure. Thanks in advance.
Did GM offer a 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission in anything in 1981? Which vehicle was it offered in?
No they didn't... 700R4 wasn't out yet either, came out in 1982.
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Big cars of GM had MW9 in 81. Cutlass started getting them in 1983 with the H/O only. Buick G had them in 83 as well, I believe. By 1984- nearly everyone had one by then. Frames for 84 G-body Olds were built with the proper rail extensions for mounting the MW9 crossmemember. 83 frames for the H/O had to be "modified" to do that. 83 Buicks probably had to as well, but I don't know.

Any and all 83-87 G-body H/O and 442 came with MW9.

I concur with pagrunt as far as the G-body MW9 emergence.

I am unaware of any 81 or 82 G-body with an MW9 from the factory.

From what I can gather, G-bodies were last in line putting in the OD transmissions.
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Help needed in finding out what trans is in the elke. Its a 1987 305 and on the shift pattern it reads PNR Overdrive D21 what trans could this be. Asking for a friend.
Could simply go by application but who knows if it's been swapped out with something else in it's lift time. Perhaps getting under the vehicle and comparing the oil pan shape will help identify.
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