Holley Sniper Carb Fuel Pump?


Feb 25, 2021
Maricopa Arizona
I'm putting together a fuel system for the 78' Malibu I have. I'm keeping it simple, it will be a deadhead low-pressure system straight into a Holley 600. I have everything but the pump and the necessary filters. I was thinking about this pump: https://www.holley.com/products/fue...carbureted_electric_fuel_pumps/parts/80000100
It's made by Holley and seems to be nearly identical to their "red" pump, which folks seem to like. It's advertised that it doesn't require a regulator when used with a Holley carb. I also don't need very much fuel, it is just a mostly stock 305. Plus, it's for sale from Speedway right now and I'm less than 20 min away form their brick-and-mortar store, so that's a bonus.


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Jan 7, 2024
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Mar 9, 2016
South Florida
7psi, does Holley say what psi lifts the float inlet needle? I'd ask first. Holley has about a hundred 600 cfm carbs so there's no telling. https://www.holley.com/search/?q=600 cfm
Pump will do the job. I'd throw a cheap regulator on there especially since theres no return. Good measure to reduce the already constant pressure on the inlet needle and seat. Insurance against ending up with a buried float after some driving and not so pretty gas fountain from the vent tube.
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