MALIBU Installing a Super T10 4 speed in place of a Saginaw 3 or 4 speed in a 78-81 A body without moving the original shifter hump.


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Feb 25, 2005
Inola, OK
This needs to be a sticky.

good thing I checked in or I never would have seen this. going to move it to the howto/kb and stickify it
Nov 24, 2014
Acworth GA
Thanks for all of the compliments guys. Its appreciated. It was an enjoyable project and I am pretty sure it could be duplicated using a Muncie as well.
Hey, great post, I realize its 9-10 months old. Awesome job maintaining the original shifter location. I did pretty much the same swap 25 years ago(1995) on my '78 Monte Carlo, Saginaw to Super T-10 sourced from a '77 Z28, I also run a 3.23 gear and feel its a perfect combination. I wasn't quite as creative as you were and settled for relocating the the shifter housing on the transmission hump rearward about 6". I can't remember wrestling too much with the aftermarket Hurst shifter(also a competition Plus) or the rods, everything pretty much bolted up and fell right into place with exception to the reverse light switch, I've gone without for those 25 years, though I've now been motivated, I may steal your concept. Seems like I did have to source a longer speedo cable as well, I don't recall exactly what I did but do remember the stretch to hook it up. My Super T-10 sits behind a ZZ3 350 (also installed in '95) with 3.23 (as mentioned previously) 7.5" posi gear, while not a crazy street terror like some of these LS or BB G bodies we're seeing now days, its quick yet civilized and a blast to drive.

Again, great post.

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