Lets see those bucket seats



Master Mechanic
Mar 3, 2009
My friend has a 79 Malibu with Cobalt SS seats that he really likes and his son's regal has newer GTO seats. I personally think the GTO seats look to big in the car.
I have a set of Cobalt SS (Recaro) seats I made work to bolt in to the g-body mounts using feet off g-body tracks. Still haven't had them in besides test fitting to see how I like them but they look real good IMO. I agree on the GTO seats being a bit too big for the g-body interior.
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G-Body Guru
Apr 16, 2013
Near Afton, Wisconsin
Hi guys; Picture was after return from interior shop 09. I had just got them back with a fresh leather surfaces. Originally the seats were fabric & when I ordered the car I ordered the car March of 79 I ordered the seats a few weeks later. So weeks later the seats arrive before the car, yes I've had the seats just a few weeks short of 40 years! Ole' Bob.


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