Low dust brake pads


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Sep 27, 2021
Mesa, AZ
I put powerstop drilled and slotted rotors and ceramic pads on my 93 Roadmaster wagon and after properly breaking them in they, I could bash your teeth into the dash with how good they stopped. Even on that big heavy car. You made a good choice. I'll put them on my Malibu when these brakes are due for replacement.
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Jan 2, 2006
I have to agree, Powerstop makes some decent rotors for the money. I was hesitant at first, but after several recommendations from the Camaro guys, plus having to deal with the low-chromium, warp-prone factory rotors, I put them on my 02 Camaro SS along with Hawk ceramic pads, burned them in and never had a problem with them since. I had 11K miles on the car at that point because the factory rotors were already warping way more than was tolerable. I took them off, had them turned, put back in the Powerstop boxes (in case the powerstops sucked) and when the wife needed to do her 02 Z28 at the time with 16K miles, I put them on her car.

Here they are at 37,300 miles, right before I sold it in 2013. The dust was minimal with the ceramics. Of course, I replaced the car with a 2013 ZL1 and those brembos throw some dust EVERYWHERE. Stops extremely well, but the dusting really sucks.

2002 Camaro SS Powerstop Rotors.jpg
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