LS Fuel sending unit on wagons?

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Nov 12, 2017
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So, I’m finding a lot of step-by-steps, “kits” and how-tos on G-Body LS swaps, but a lot of them have the asterisk “*does not work/fit on wagons.”

One of them was the fuel tank sending unit. Aside from the side-mounted filler neck, what are the major differences between the coupe and wagon fuel tanks that you’re aware of?
Wagon tank is way deeper...14.125" wagon, 8.875" coupe/sedan
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There are many work-arounds if a person spends some time researching options. In my case, I'm looking at a 98 truck unit, as it has a built-in fuel well, and the proper pump for my application
This outfit also has some solutions

You'll still have to figure out baffling, if you want it. I asked Spectre about making a baffled wagon tank, or selling the tank halves unassembled so i could add a firm no to both. That's when i started looking at fuel pump "modules" that include a well/reservoir on the assembly
You know that I have a whole thread dedicated to this exact task, right?

LS-swapping a wagon, that is.

The part number for the sending unit is in there.
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Mine. Link is in the sig.
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Looking around, seems like the predominant recommendation for LS wagon swaps is a '94 Chevy Astro TBI sender with a Walbro 255 LPH pump.
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Looks like you will have to extend the pickup tube, astro tank is about an inch less deep than a wagon tank. Will also need to baffle tank. The 98 Truck pump is the correct depth, and as I said before, has a well on it, but may require a different opening for the pump module ( I have a new tank for the swap in case it needs cutting/welding)


Not saying the other won't work, just good to have options. I like using easily-obtained parts when possible, and stock style pumps should be available pretty much anywhere in the future.
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