1. Fatboy

    Dealer Spec Sheet

    Alright guys, so upon doing some research for some other stuff that I need to put together I stumbled across this really cool article. I am new here so maybe some or all of you have seen this already. It has all the dealer specs and options available specifically for 79 Malibu's/Wagons. Anyways...
  2. Nick1979

    ISO Rear Window Hinges

    Hey guys anyone have a decent set of rear window hinges for a wagon, one of mine is a ticking time bomb because the hole is stripped out where it hold the glass to the hinge. I need the driver's side but I'd prefer a set if possible. or does anyone know if s10 blazer hinges would work?
  3. Nick1979

    Grocery Getter Pics, Need a roof rack

    Just a Photo dump from the fall, anyone have a roof rack in west PA/OH area?
  4. Nick1979

    New project ideas?

    Lucked out and picked this up for $900 has a 305 sbc. Got all 4 corvette rally's with it too .Thought about going all flat black on it, throw me some ideas? I took the wing off and got rid of the ugly checkers with whatever paint I had at the time but ran out.
  5. Soultrondds

    MALIBU Wagon shell in NC, trying to see if someone wants it.

    (Mods mover or delete if this is not okay) Alright, time for one of those threads. I have a Malibu wagon shell and at my folks house and I'd like to know if someone in North Carolina wants to get it. I've had it for sale before and I've had cash and trade offers but nothing came of them. I...
  6. Nick1979

    Vent Window Rubber

    Hey guys just got a 1979 Malibu wagon not too long ago. Trying to get all the weatherstrips in order and I've been having trouble finding anything on the back vent windows. Got some vent windows out of a 82 4 door but they are about an inch shorter than the ones for wagons and the holes along...
  7. Boglog

    1980 Malibu Wagon resurrection

    Thought I'd go ahead and get a build thread going.... When I was in HS I had began a project on a 1972 Nova. At the time I didn't know what the heck I was doing, it was pretty much a shell, no engine, no transmission, blah. I went off to college, and was storing the car with a family friend...
  8. Reddzedd

    Malibu wagon maximum stock tire size?

    I'm sure this exact same question has been asked previously, but I've been trying to find concrete answers to no avail. I'm looking to buy some aftermarket wheels for my '78 wagon. It's completely stock at the moment (no notches, stock ride height, fenders not rolled, stock rear end width, no...
  9. 86 Chevy El Camino SS

    1988 Pontiac Safari "B" body wagon for sale

    Happy holidays, Was not sure what thread to post this in, but decided to post it here in General. Found this B body wagon at a trans shop in Fredericksburg Va. From what I can tell at a cursory glance, it looks to be in fairly good shape on the outside. Inside did not look bad either. Didn't...
  10. CaliWagon83

    Three Pedals LS3 Safari Wagon

    Okay...Technically not a G-Body, but they’re using the Safari to prototype their G-Body manual conversion kit, so thought I’d share.
  11. CaliWagon83

    HELP Anyone make custom wagon car covers?

    Hi All. As I prepare to bring the wagon down to So Cal, I'm looking for a custom-fit car cover. As you can probably imagine, most G-Body car covers are for coupes, and at best the 4-door sedan. I can't find a custom-fit cover for the wagon. If you know if any companies that make one, please let...
  12. flatout

    1981 Pontiac Grand Le Mans Safari (Wagon)

    Just picked it up, truly a piece... Didn't know what I was going to do with it, but the price was right. So I bartered for it, and eventually picked it up. I got it home and started messing with it, although I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it. Got it running fairly easy. The body...
  13. Turbolq4

    Seattle Craigslist manual Malibu Wagon

    https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/cto/d/1980-chev-malibu-wagon-classic/6554780641.html Somebody should go buy this thing!
  14. CaliWagon83

    REGAL Thank you so much!

    I just wanted to thank the GBF community for your support and help with my wagon project! I'd especially like to thank oldsmobile joe, ck80, crazy'boutOlds and L.A.X-RATED for helping me find parts. You guys are the best! I really hope I don't disappoint you guys when I finally get the wagon...
  15. CaliWagon83

    LS Fuel sending unit on wagons?

    So, I’m finding a lot of step-by-steps, “kits” and how-tos on G-Body LS swaps, but a lot of them have the asterisk “*does not work/fit on wagons.” One of them was the fuel tank sending unit. Aside from the side-mounted filler neck, what are the major differences between the coupe and wagon...
  16. CaliWagon83

    First Oops...Rear bumper filler panel

    Well...It was just a matter of time before I broke something...And it didn’t take long. I’m afraid it may be one of those “needle in a haystack” parts. Was unloading some of the cargo that came along with the wagon. As I mentioned, the rear glass struts are shot, so I scrounged around the...
  17. CaliWagon83

    Roll-down rear windows, 4-door - Has it been done?

    Again, forgive me if this is a n00b question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. Has anyone done a roll-down rear window conversion on 4-door G-bodies? I'm sure it's a lot more complicated than it seems at first glance, but it seems that with the rear vent windows, there should be enough clearance...
  18. CaliWagon83

    CaliWagon83's Consolidated Question/Tech/Update thread

    Hi All! I'm about to inherit an '83 Regal wagon that's been in the family since new. Right now it's in Tennessee, but will soon make its way back out to the Left Coast. It's pretty clean and relatively low-miles (I think about 63k right now). It's that ubiquitous baby blue metallic with...
  19. liquidh8

    78 Olds front lower air damn ideas

    Well, since the wagon is now in paint, it have to start thinking about what it am going to do for the lower air damn. Since it am running the LC2 engine, and using a precision stock location intercooler, it want to fab something up similar to the Grand National. Any one have any photo ideas...
  20. R

    New guy

    Hey all. New to the site just dropping by to introduce myself. Currently driving a 78 Malibu Wagon (factory 4-speed car). Lowered a few and being slugged around by a 454 and of course a 4-speed.

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