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Aug 2, 2021
Never physically drove a manual transmission car before, maybe once but nothing major...but I've watched it and had it explained to me plenty of times to understand the fundamental concept of it.

But never drove and manually shift an automatic transmission, but I have this situation with my kickdown cable and not being able to currently use it, and a lot of guys are telling me to "just manual shift if it's a TH350."

I understand there are 3 gears to shift... 1 is first gear, 2 is 2nd gear, and D is 3rd gear.

At what RPM do I shift up through each of those gears ?

As I'm shifting up through the gear s, does my foot need to be off the gas pedal as I shift ?

Do I need to downshift as my speed decreases, or only when I come to a complete stop, to start back in 1st gear again from that stop ?

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Sep 2, 2011
Cheektowaga, New York
They may mean manually down shift to pass. If your cable is disconnected at the carb when you go to pass someone it will not kick down a gear. You will have to move the selector down to the next lower gear by yourself. The automatic function of the transmission will otherwise still work the same.

Hope this helps!
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Aug 8, 2011
Fabricate a piece to extend you new throttle bracket for the kickdown cable so that it is long enough to function as it should.
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