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Feb 17, 2021
North Jersey
So I got an 87 El Camino a little while ago and it has always had loose door windows. Many people said to check the window guides and I knew both of them were broken so I bought two of them and took apart the door cards and I am quite confused. My passenger side has the adjustment with the bracket the holds the pointed bolt in place to angle the window but my driver side does not have any bracket or adjustment holes to even hold the window guide bracket. There is a guide riveted on the window but nothing to actually hold the guide when the window is up. Can someone explain what I am missing or do I just have some kind of aftermarket door that doesn't have the adjustment? I will attach pics of the door that has the bracket and the door that does not for comparison. Thanks guys I'm new to this site after being on El Camino Central for a while and couldn't really get an answer there so Im trying here before I start cutting and drilling into the door to add some kind of makeshift bracket.

No bracket:




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I have some of each, but can't get to them right now to compare, BUT, it has been said that the Malibu and Camino doors have differences concerning the guides for the windows. Could be that you have one of each on the vehicle (especially given the differing original color on the inner portions).
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Feb 17, 2021
North Jersey
Yeah I came to the conclusion it was aftermarket because of the crappy paint job they did on it and all the rivets were swapped for bolts/screws? Whenever you can check that would be much appreciated. I'm thinking worst-case scenario Ill try and find a bracket on the forum here (I live nowhere near a junkyard that has a body) and take an angle grinder to the flange and drill two holes and use a big rivnut to hold the bracket in place.


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Apr 17, 2016
This thread got me to thinking. I'm using doors from a 78 to rebuild 84 doors.

I think I found some valuable info for you.


I think you may have a 78/79 door with later glass in it.


My 84 doors have the spot for that bracket that the 78 doesn't.
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