New carburetor issues


May 29, 2023
I’ve seen a bunch of guys with their monte’s and elcos slapping on an aftermarket carb on their 305’s as a replacement to the quadrajet. However this leaves a lot of sensors unplugged and from what I found, affects the TH200’s ability to consistently shift smoothly and lock up. I need some help figuring out what these other guys are doing to make their carb swap seamless.

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Aug 14, 2011
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Whats wrong with the. E bay carbs.might have to adjust the auxiliary air valve ..not rocket science I would get one for the nonemission motors...and get one for a 305 0r 327 ect.not and olds 455!

Qjets are application specific carbs, they are not built as universal fits like Holley or Eddy carbs. Ebay guys tend to rebuild Qjets sloppy, kitbash a buch of mismatching Qjet parts together, or remanufacture them to generic specs rather than to correct factory specs for your application. Older pre emission Qjets likely won't have the correct TV cable geometry. Even those aftermarket TV cable adaptor brackets don't get the geometry as correct as the stock computer carb. Like it or not, the computer carbs are designed to be the most perfect fit for G bodies.

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