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Feb 27, 2023
Hey all, just a short intro. I'm in NE Texas and have had several GBodys over the years. First was an 85 Grand National which was stolen a few months after getting it put together. Then an 86 T-Type that I sold to someone in South Texas after his GN was stolen. Bought an 81 ElCamino in 2005 to be my son's first car at his request. He drove it with the 305 for 4 years before I bought a wrecked 85 T-Type and swapped all the drivetrain to the ElCo. He put 50K miles on it going back and forth to college and eventually needed a real pickup so I got the ElCamino back. I kept it till 2015 when I sold it because we were downsizing. Fast forward 6 years and I have it back again. I'm beginning the journey or rebuilding it again and weighing the pros & cons of swapping the hot air V6 for a 6.0 LS.


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Feb 18, 2014
Really it comes down to what you want out of the vehicle.

End of the day, there's never a replacement for displacement. I hate LS engines, and, nothing makes me ignore a car quicker at a show or meet than seeing yet another boring LS under the hood.

But, they're relatively cheap.

If you want a good sounding engine while you drive? NO LS gives that. Not one. To me they all sound like garbage. Give me anything else - a babbitt bearing pounding away, a chevy inline 6 on an open pipe, any Sbo/sbb/sbc or a Pontiac v8? Yes sir.

Being unique comes at a cost, either paying more $/hp, or, being slower for the same money.... for now. Until Chinese knockoff parts are all you can get, and, the woke crowd stops making replacements available plentifully or cheap. Then the simple older engines filled with rebuildable components will be your choice, or, an even more blah ev.

Either way, do what's going to make YOU happy. There's plenty of elkys around, it's not like you can really ruin anything whatever you choose with this one.

Welcome back to the car, and, welcome aboard.
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Jun 27, 2017
Pgh, PA
Glad to see you got her back and want to get her right, as mentioned above there are many options. I like to see something different done, but doing that does come at a cost. I had planned to put a 408 stroker and a tr6060 in my monte when I got it, but the 350 sounded good and let me focus and doing a bunch of other stuff so I have stuck with it for now
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