problems with my truck



Nov 13, 2018
Rio WI
This isnt hard, whats circled is the circuits in question, unfortunaltly there is alot of yellow wires at the ignition switch, my advice is to check for power ignition switch. the connector is looking directly at it, the one you want it location b4 /circuit #37. should have power on it at all times, I believe all yellow wires should have power to them all the time. if you dont have power there and your certain fuse 10 in fuse panal has power, you have a bad wire between engine fuse panel and ignition switch


Royal Smart Person
Jul 10, 2012
Davenport, Iowa
The problem is the blue oval on the grille!
How did that wire break? I'm thinking it should have been a 10ga, no?
it was a smaller wire. i have know was in the wire harness of about seemed like 30 wires. it was in the center of all the wires. i am as well puzzled how it is the only one the was broke. i spend the day today making sure there were no other wires problems.and wrapping them up again.

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