So you want to install a 4L80E? Learn from my mistakes (and successes!)



May 6, 2019
Yep. I still have my column shift steering column; I simply removed the shift lever from it.

No idea. I'm just guessing here, but I would think you could remove the stock floor shifter and install the Winters in its place. Worst case, you might need to fabricate a custom plate for attaching the aftermarket shifter to the factory console... maybe?

Yes, you do! Supplement it with plenty of photos. Others here will chime in with their comments and suggestions.
Actually I would like to keep my stock console shifter. It’s in decent shape and the center button has a Pontiac symbol.
Been real busy at work and haven’t had time to start a build thread on my car yet. Maybe Saturday some time?


G-Body Guru
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Jul 1, 2018
NW Indiana
Figured I would ask here .... Does the stock dipstick tube fit our G bodies or is it too long/tall because it came out of a truck? I don't have a tube yet so I have no way of knowing... Thanks !!!

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