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The Bronze Brick a Very Unusual 9C1

Discussion in 'Chevrolet Monte Carlo / SS / Malibu' started by vanrah, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. vanrah

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    Apr 16, 2013
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    Near Afton, Wisconsin
    Good Morning Quinn, Opie & all; I just looked at the air cleaner post by Mike. very educational. The AFR heads, you guys did notice the non OE placement of the values! I'm convinced that when I received these (1996) that they may have been the best flowing heads of the time. For you guys that haven't read this entire post they (AFR &The Goddess of Speed) tested my resolve. From memory (?) AFR moved the exhaust valves (?) to make room for bigger intake valves. At the time I was afraid of killing too much low end so I stayed with old school thought, 2.02 I & 1.6 E, 76 cc chambers & 190 runners. And the end result was way Too Much Low end Torque. As the only tires that fit into the stock wheel wells that will hook up are drag radials. Since 96 when I refreshed the engine with a new block & valve train in 2004 calling Rick at AFR to pick his brain. I'll back up a little, My education was auto engines & I worked in a couple of engine shops, one was a dream the other was a nightmare. Anyway I ported heads before flow benches were common (60's & 70's). And after speaking with Rick I went into these 190 AFR heads, not changing the shape, but smoothing & removing .010" to .030" from the walls as these predate 5 axis machining. So now they are a smitch over 200 cc's & I still have more low end than I can use. Since I love RPM, in hind sight I should of purchased the 210 cc units as they would of suited my desires & cubic inches more effectively. From my experience the 190 units would be best suited for 383 inches or less. Thanks for the conversation guys, Ole' Bob
    Ps: I'm sup-prized that no one has purchased my under drive pulleys with new belts yet.
    Pss: And now I'm debating on offering up my dual horn modified OE air cleaner?

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