The Craigslist Leeches


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Nov 4, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
Ugh, bit of a rant. I'm trying to sell my E36 BMW as it's sort of an extra car at this point and I just don't drive it as much as it should be driven. I don't have to sell it, but it would be nice to have the some extra space in the driveway.

So I listed it up on Craigslist a week ago and sure enough the CL leeches start coming out of the woodwork. I listed everything important about the car in the ad, and I wrote the best way to contact me is text or email as I can't answer my phone at work. I also wrote that I would hear offers after they viewed the car in person.

So of course I get the typical spam, that's to be expected. The ones that are in broken English and include a link to some website in the text or email. No big deal.

But then I get the calls from the leeches. The people who call during the day, ask 400 stupid questions (Does the sunroof work?, How many MPG?, What kind of gas does it take?). Yes the sunroof works or I would've said that it didn't in the ad, I don't fucking know what MPG I get, get a Prius if you want gas mileage, and it's a BMW, it takes premium gas, like every other BMW ever fucking made. Then they call me 20 minutes later and leave a 15 minute long voicemail explaining why they aren't going to buy the car.

Then there are the ones who call who I swear are just bored or lonely and want to have a 20 minute conversation with you.

Then there are the ones who text you "will you take $xxxx?" without even seeing the car. Or the ones who call and tell you a sob story about how they don't have any money but will you take $73, a half eaten Twix bar, a used couch and an exercise bike in trades?

Ugh, for all the trouble I'd rather park it in the backyard and let it rot into the ground.


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Dec 23, 2016
I feel your pain! how about the ones that try to get your price lower because "you live to far and they had to drive there".


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Oct 29, 2010
Buffalo, NY
Yeah I don't like when they hit you with "Will you take X$$$$ or lower the price" via text message and its the first or second thing they say. They way I deal with that is I ask what their interest in the car is, then I won't go further until they answer the question.


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Sep 6, 2016
Southlake, TX
I've had my '89 Turbo Trans Am for sale on CL for couple months with a very descriptive ad, 24 high resolution photos and a 20 minute walk around video of the car that you only have to cut/paste into a browser window.

I get text's like:
"Does the car have a title?" The ad says "title: clean"
or "is your vehicle still available? Call me." no thanks
or "still have car" yes.
or "Ok, anything wrong with car" Read the ad
or "Pics" Read the ad
or "Any mods" Read the ad
or "any sings dents or rust" Read the ad

Or the obviously Robotic: "I'm interested, do you still have for sale!!! 1989 Trans Am Turbo SE Indy Pace Car - $16000 (Southlake (TX))"

"I'm OK with Price and condition. I'll will Send You a Bank Check via USPS..." Don't these people know mail fraud is a federal crime?
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Feb 18, 2014
Some use fake acts to keep sending lowball offers (without viewing) and then try a few weeks later making an actual, but lower, offer hoping you'll take it from being sick of the process.

On two of my most recent sales I got fid of a couple projects i wasnt going to do anything with anymore.

had an 85 s10 4x4 blazer, prior total loss but repaired and drivable. Bill of sale truck (legal in GA) due to age.

Had a guy from Alabama talk a bunch, sounded real interested, mainly wanted it for parts. Came with a rented uhaul trailer. I'd told him on the phone I'd take $450 for it, help him out. After being here he and a friend stood in the driveway looking it over like it was a collector automobile. Asked me if I'd do 300 instead. Nope. Asked me what about $400. I said nope. You want it I said $450, thats it. They stayed a while hoping I'd cave, then slowly left.

Week later sold it for $600.

Second one was an 88 firebird I had listed here. 2.8/auto, ran/drove with perfect rust free body panes and floors all over. Clean title. But needed lots of little tinkering. Took a couple months of tire kickers and email game players... emails of I want your car I have $700... ermm nope, ad said firm, thats what I want. Finally did sell it for full price.

I've found (ack I hate saying it) facebook is almost better than craigslist these days....
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Aug 20, 2009
North Vernon IN
I have an intimidator Monte Carlo for sale on craigslist right now... the spam has already started rolling in I cant wait to see what the tire kickers come up with


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Dec 23, 2009
Surprise AZ.
I would rather pull my own teeth out with Vice Grips than ever sell anything on Craigslist ever again....


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Jun 27, 2017
Pgh, PA
I totally feel your pain since I have to deal with all those same leeches for my job, as part of my job I was dumb enough to tell my buddy I can sell his stuff to help him make more income. So we get a wrecked truck or something he gets off a job, somehow it turns into a well I got to put this much into it to make it right which is still less than it is worth but I am crazy because that is why we have it cheaper :blam: Have got that so many times with this cab and chassis Ford we have listed now, can't tell you how many guys say they want to pay less than the 15k because they have to put almost 20 or 22k into it total to make it a 25 or 30k truck.


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Sep 6, 2016
Southlake, TX
My TTA needs the A/C charged, the driver seat bottom and side bolster recovered and some minor paint touch up (its a 73K mile original paint, unrestored car) but the whining text messages about "how much work it needs" fill up my phone. If the car was perfect I would be selling it at Barrett Jackson, not Craigslist, dumasses.

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