What Did You Do To Your G-Body Today? [2021]


G-Body Guru
Sep 27, 2021
Mesa, AZ
I really have to give a huge thanks to the guys who have been helping me lately...all for free. Guy painted my bumper fillers for free (I paid for the paint that was color matched by a local paint supplier), guys at work put the chrome door molding on the door with my company's new 2 part adhesive and clamped it for 4 hours, found spray paint for my monte carlo for $15 a can, etc.... new headliner, stripe kit, carpet, etc... for the monte if I ever get it back lol

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Sharp looking Regal. I really diggin' that steering wheel. I might have to put one in my Malibu.
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Jun 27, 2013
Got the weekend off and got a few things done on the car. Been slow going last few months with my youngest playing for three softball teams, JV, Varsity and the town Rec league. Dropped off a set of drums to be turned so I’d have a nice clean edge to start with, had four to choose from and these two were the best of the bunch. They are 35 years old and I figure they are better than what I can buy new these days, not to mention $6 each to turn them. Wire wheeled and put a new coat of paint on them while I was at it. Replaced the front flex hoses, backing plates, calipers, rear flex hose and both wheel cylinders. I got a smoking deal on a pair of Raybestos wheel cylinders from an internet Home Depot purchase, $13 shipped for the pair. I wanted a pair of wheel cylinder braces that Raybestos built but they have since been discontinued, rats! So after todays work the rear end has all new brakes and lines installed and I used these neat bleeders. They have a check valve in them so you can bleed the front brakes single handedly. I set up each wheel with a clear nylon line and one at a time bleed the brakes until new clear fluid came through. Was really nice getting it done without having to keep cracking the valves with someone in the seat pumping the brake pedal. The pedal is very firm and catching almost at the top.

IMG_4125.jpeg IMG_4124.jpeg IMG_4123.jpeg IMG_4122.jpeg

And took a quick ride around town in my friends new toy, a fiberglass '32 Ford Highboy.

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Oct 22, 2017
replaced the leaky heater control valve again(feels almost one every other year)and re-foamed the heater core opening thanks SS_Malibu for the template. Resized_20230522_203017.jpeg
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Apr 28, 2016
Updated my early model Holley SA770 carburetor.... now with new aluminum front(#134-71s) and rear(#134-72s/vacsec) fuel bowls with sight glass, and replaced the .025 standard accelerator pump nozzle to the tube type, same .025 size though.


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