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Dec 26, 2013
I didn't realize I have an update to this thread.

I was with a large accounting firm in the Internal Communications Department (video production and editing) for 25 years until we were booted in favor of an overseas external agency in April of 2017.

I was able to freelance for a year handling smaller projects that might have otherwise fallen through the cracks. But nothing was an annual thing that I could count on with any regularity.

The second year, I was able to latch on to a different creative department who was getting a lot of the internal work from the people who didn't want to deal with the overseas external agency. It was a contractor position which paid extremely well, but no benefits were included. At that same time I was able to purchase some of the leftover production equipment from the department that was killed off which I installed in my basement office and allowed me to work from home. I was able to maintain a flexible schedule which was awesome, and also take on other projects such as the end of season highlights video for the local high school football team.

The work I was turning out caught the attention of the higher ups in this other Creative Department and I was able to convince them to bring me back full-time with benefits and everything. I started back last Monday.

While these last two years won't count, I was able to maintain my 25 full-time years of service and pick back up where I left off. I also didn't have to settle for a lower salary compared to the rest of this market. While it's lower than I was making as a contractor, it's equivalent to where I would have been if I was never let go and received two years of annual raises.

I know my situation is rare, but once in a while things actually turn around for the better.
My wife just went through a similar situation- outsourced and rehired. It's amazing how short-sighted corporations can be.


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May 22, 2011
Central NY
Currently, sitting at a bar in Sydney Australia getting drunk, drowning my sorrows of not being around my house while it's being built. Over here for a month to install some equipment we built. We're done already, flying back on Sunday... I know. Poor me.


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Jan 2, 2006
I retired from my pharmaceutical production supervisor job in 2018 at 57 as our facility was trying to be spun off and sold. The very large parent company offered 3 years tacked on to time in service and age early retirement, plus a huge lump sum bonus, so I hopped on it. Made sense for me. I was making pretty good jack while working. But I also saved and invested in the retirement portfolios. Wife did the same and retired a year before me. I was jelly.

Today, I've been retired for a year and a half and we've been living off our pensions and the bonus money, and just now started reaping in some of the stock dividends that used to be reinvested without touching our 401k/IRA account principal amounts. Which our take-home equals out right now to about $500/month more than when we were working. When/if Social Security comes around, that should make up way more for any inflation should it still be available. I think we're good. It's also good to have the house paid off. We only owe on her car, about 7k more. At 1.72% interest, doesn't make complete sense to pay it off.

Sometimes s**t just works out. If we hadn't invested early and often, our situation to retire somewhat early wouldn't be possible. Tip: Save early, save often.


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Mar 31, 2006
Kitchener, Ontario
Got the tow trucks back from being seized, the Judge blasted the cops for misusing the law they relied on to seize the vehicles. Filed the Motion yesterday which was supposed to be heard on the Nov 18 but the Judge gave me leave to have it heard today so the drivers can get back to work. Next week the courts are closed and tomorrow I have a decision coming down regarding the tow trucks so it would not be proper for that judge to deal with the tow truck seizures....owner of the tow truck company was happy, he dropped 2k cash in my hand today... :)


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