1. 83reeeegal

    3.8 V6 swap to 350

    Just picked up my 350 from Tijuana this morning rebuilt and painted.. super juiced to get this on Tips?
  2. A

    Engine mount advice 1986 monte carlo LS

    So I've went ahead and bought my brand new performance chevy 350 from GM Performance, http://www.gmperformancemotor.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=GMP&Product_Code=19355658&yotpo_token=c37b8fbff594b255a350f5cd29b012e497145406&utm_source=yotpo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=map and...
  3. 8

    700r4 or 350 turbo?

    I'm new here, but have a question about my monte carlo project. I'm buying a 1985 305 high output with a 700r4. I also already have a turbo 350 with a shift kit. The car has 3.73 gears. I plan to do 4 barrel intake, carb, cam, headers, double roller timing chain or noisy timing gears, and maybe...
  4. B

    350 vortec swap in my monte carlo aerocoupe

    Hi everyone, I picked up my 87 aerocoupe from a friends back yard a few months ago, and put new battery belts etc on it. Long story short the engine is seized and I'm looking for a 350 4 bolt for it. I found a 350 vortec block, and was wondering if there was any difference between the regular...
  5. JoeF419

    Transmission Recommendation?

    In the near future, I will be swapping out the old 305 in my 78 El Camino, for a new Blue Print Engines 350 (http://www.blueprintengines.com/index.php/products/bp-gm-crate-engines-landing/gm-350-main/item/bp3501ctc1-gm-fully-dressed-350-with-new-block). I need help finding a transmission for the...
  6. Boy1duh

    87 mc ls swap

    I've read a lot of great threads about this and really its beating a dead horse but I'm new to this and not building the car myself I just have a few questions what's the cheapest u can do a swap to labor should I stay in my lane and stick to old school 350's would that be cheaper I'm trying to...
  7. ssn696

    Build Your Own Ram Jet 350

    I was just reading about a fellow that had built many 87-02 Vortec-based 350s. He likes the RJ350 cam , GM #14097395. Here is where that cam is used. I have collected the parts to build my own Ram Jet, and I spent under $3000. I think the top end, wire harness, and ECU are still for sale...
  8. ssn696

    Recipe for a DIY ZZ1-ZZ4 350 (up to 355 HP)

    Here is another parts list to build up your own GM crate engine for less that crate prices. I know the market is moving towards the LS as the new 350, but there are plenty of us out there who are more than happy with an old-school 350 under the hood. And if you are on a budget, notice how the...
  9. ssn696

    Recipe for a 300 HP 350

    There have been a number of threads recently focusing on Vortec heads, what to do with a stock 305, cheap 350 builds, etc. I might well be the only car-building nerd on the Forum, but in case there are others, here is the GM parts list to build your own hydraulic-lifter 350 using GM parts...

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