1. James Hannigan


    Any one have a thought on this nasty sound? Wait until return idle, noise will begin.
  2. James Hannigan

    85 Monte SS

    Hello all names James, and Im new to the GBody world and v8 muscle cars in general. Always wanted an SS growing up, and recently had the chance to pick up an 85 Monte SS for a pretty good price. That good price comes with a lot of head scratching and issues. The car.. the previous owner knew...
  3. Carlos Garcia

    BUILD THREAD Project El Camino aka "B Daddy 78"

    So I'm fixing a 1978 el camino and one of the first things that I want to do is change those drum brakes to disc. Any one has any pointerson which is the best way to go? I'm thinking on getting a set of camaro brakes from a local junk yard to do the swap. I'm currently redoing the body. Here are...
  4. A

    Engine mount advice 1986 monte carlo LS

    So I've went ahead and bought my brand new performance chevy 350 from GM Performance, and...
  5. JayO313

    HELP!!!400hp+ 5.3 lm7 build on a budget

    Whats up G body Family, I recently built an 83 monte carlo with an mild 355 small block, TH400 Trans, and .390 gear,, I've been running it the last couple years. I want to go faster just like anybody else here LOL.. So I just bought a 2006 5.3 LM7 out of a 2006 yukon xl for a price I couldnt...
  6. Grantman

    New to GBF (1979 Chevy Malibu)

    Hi everyone, I just liberated my grandmother's 1979 Chevy Malibu coupe from its garage down in Seaford, Delaware, where it sat for the last 22 years. It's the classic grandma's car: 3.3L V6, AT, AM radio, manual windows and locks - and only used to drive around town. The only option it has is...
  7. MalibuHacon

    Engine Temperature Gauge not working

    My temp gauge is stuck in the lowest possible reading all the time, i have the sport dash with the temp, volt, and oil gauge in a 1980 Malibu. I looked through some videos on youtube and everybody suggested that a ground wire on the engine-block was usually the cause when gauge is stuck at...
  8. ssn696

    Jeg's, Summit, Hearththrob Exhaust

    I've recommended Jeg's G-body dual exhaust conversion kits in the past. I noticed Summit now sells a nearly-identical kit. My kit is still in the box after a number of years, but installation is imminent. I looked at the kit instructions for both Jeg's and Summit and discovered that both kits...
  9. R

    1985 Buick Regal 3.8l 4 barrel transmission compatibles

    hello, new here....bought a 85' Buick Regal 3.8 4 barrel. Get the car up and running only to find out it has a bad trans. If you put the car in drive the trans starts to chatter and bang when it shifts. If you put in 1st and change the gears manually it'll act fine. Not sure what's going on with...
  10. 86montecarlowinnipeg

    Basset Wheels

    Anyone else have basset DOT legal wheels on their g body? I want to put a set with new tires on my monte carlo. Does anyone know the largest size i can use without causing rubbing and interference with the suspension? These are the kind i'm talking about in the 15" size.
  11. Ryan Harris

    Is this worth buying?!?!

    I have the opportunity to buy a 1969 dated 396 block .030 over, factory forged crank, factory rods, domed Pistons, factory iron high rise intake and a set of 375 horse oval port 454 heads. The guy is saying all the cylinders need is a good honing and it's ready to be built. I'm assuming the...
  12. Alex Benigno

    Squeaking Noise From Dash?? 86 Monte FIX?

    Since the new motor, dash or windshield has been making a squeaking noise. Usually a bump triggers the noise. Any suggestions on what exactly it is? where its coming from? or how to fix? thanks
  13. GP403

    GBotM 12/15: Congrats Vaughn3031

    With ~35% of the vote, Vaughn3031's Santa red Malibu is the December '15 G-Body of the Month! From here on out the winner gets a pair of 18" GBF decals, and gets to pick the next month's theme!
  14. MalibuHacon

    Clicking noises, Dry Weather strip., and Other 1980 Malibu Questions!!

    Hello! I have a 1980 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon, it has the 305 V8 and 350 trans. I'm planning on fixing or improving overall feel and quality of the car. - In the interior there is a clicking sound, by the looks of it it clicks in line with my jumping speedometer needle. (i do not have the...

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