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    EL CAMINO 350/290 swap from 305

    Hey everyone. Cam finally went flat in my original 305. I’ve been looking into the most amount of power I can get with still passing California smog. Looks like that fresh Chevrolet crate 350/290 is the way to go for me, it’s a daily driver but I take it to shows too. They come with a 222 cam...
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    My new t shirt decals "ELCOHOLIC"
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    Bout to take her out
  5. M

    New to the forum, just bought my first car an 83 El Camino (Also looking for some help with doorlocks)

    Hello everyone, Im Manuel an 18 year old from Madrid, Spain (from across the pond) and I just bought my first car an 83 El Camino. Some historyof the car : It was brought to Spain in the early 2000s where it went through some strange facelift (I kinda like it) and it then sat for about 5 years...
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    Project chicks
  7. G

    Finding Front-Axle Center line

    Hey Guys, I already browsed through topics to try to find my answer but with no luck i figured id make a post. Im about to be Chopping up my frame pretty heavily for a custom front suspension.... I will be going through and pulling measurements of existing frame for reference but the main...
  8. V

    Elco Seats won't slide

    Hey, the bucket seats in my 87 Elco won't slide forward or back. When I actuate the lever, I still can't slide them. Does anyone know an easy fix? Perhaps a part I can lubricate? I'll probably need a pic. Thanks in advance!
  9. J

    El Camino R Rocker

    So I’ve been working on restoring my 81, right rocker needs replacing. Problem: Seems the only rockers in existence are partial patch rockers, (got one through Ecklers, supposed to be 20 ga, but its more like 19). Found some ones through a different brand that are supposed to be factory, but...
  10. LukeZ

    305 Quadrajet to EFI

    Hey guys, Ive been thinking about switching to EFI on my 305 for better fuel management (mostly I want better mileage and throttle response. It's just a daily). I have the stock 4 Barrel quadrajet and my intake manifold is an Eddy Performer Air Gap. Two big questions: first, are there...
  11. J

    EL CAMINO Exterior door handle help

    Hi all, Brand new to the world of G bodies. I bought a 1985 El Camino a while back and am just now getting started on some of the stuff I need to do to make it safe on the road. The car was purchased with no exterior door handles or locks, and one of the interior handles was broken. A old...
  12. CaminoJoe

    EL CAMINO Motor/Frame Mounts for big block swap in '85 elco

    Hey all, I've got a 396 big block with 325 hp waiting to be dropped into my elco (stock engine was a 305 small block). And before I make the mistake of trying to drop it in, I want to ask: Will the mounts on the engine match with the motor mounts on the frame? Just want to know in case I need...
  13. CaminoJoe

    Crossmember for TH400 in elco?

    Hey all, To all who have the experience with doing a beefier transmission swap.. I'm swapping a big block in my '85 elco and along with it a new transmission. From the stock th350 to a th400. My question is will the stock crossmember suffice or am I gonna have to scrap it and have another installed? Thanks!
  14. LukeZ

    Help me match my paint?

    Hey guys, Long story short, I bent the hood on my car last spring so I bought a new one from Summit. I had it delivered to a body shop and they said theyll paint it to match my current color. At first they did the thing where they take out a special camera and take a picture of my paint, and it...
  15. Carlos Garcia

    BUILD THREAD Project El Camino aka "B Daddy 78"

    So I'm fixing a 1978 el camino and one of the first things that I want to do is change those drum brakes to disc. Any one has any pointerson which is the best way to go? I'm thinking on getting a set of camaro brakes from a local junk yard to do the swap. I'm currently redoing the body. Here are...
  16. LeMansGrande

    '78 Grand LeMans: Help locating a few parts?

    So, hello everyone! I'm new to the forum, since I recently obtained a 1978 Grand LeMans (hence the totally original ID) with a 305, and its almost fully loaded... but its still missing a couple options that I'd like, and others that just need to be replaced. It's all minor trim, but hey...
  17. Wageslave

    NV3500 5-speed swap

    I have been gathering parts for a manual swap into my '83 El Camino since February, and I have just got the e-mail saying my SickSpeed Monte pedal kit will be arriving by Tuesday. This means I have finally acquired everything I need to get my NV3500 put in. On a side note, there is an amazing...
  18. JoeF419

    Transmission Recommendation?

    In the near future, I will be swapping out the old 305 in my 78 El Camino, for a new Blue Print Engines 350 (http://www.blueprintengines.com/index.php/products/bp-gm-crate-engines-landing/gm-350-main/item/bp3501ctc1-gm-fully-dressed-350-with-new-block). I need help finding a transmission for the...
  19. JoeF419

    Help! Brake shoe install

    I have recently purchased a 4 wheel disc brake kit for my 1978 El Camino. Everything installed smoothly, but the brake shoe is loose in the caliper. The caliper is installed on the rotor. I understand you are supposed to squeeze the shoes with channel-lock pliers, but I have tried and it won't...
  20. D

    86 El Camino 5.7 vortec swap

    So here is my question. Is there a fuel tank that I can use for example. Regal ,Monte Carlo that will accept the fuel pump out of a 96 pick up

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