el camino

  1. J

    Hellwig FX Frame Kit installation experience?

    Hi all, I have the Hellwig Gbody Frame FX kit and am getting ready to install it on my 1986 El Camino. Now I know it is only for the Monte and the other 2 doors because the El Camino frame is about 9 inches longer. My intention is to extend the pieces by remaking the pieces longer. I have...
  2. T

    1979 el camino parasitic draw

    I recently been having a parasitic draw problem, It has been pulling .47amps. I have isolated it down to the Ctsy / clock 20amp fuse. I do no have a clock in the dash, and no lights appear to stay on and function as they should. I have disconnected the Door switches, glove box switch, replaced...
  3. MrHernandez81

    Allow me to reintroduce myself (78 Elco slow father/son project)

    I was a member ~10 yrs ago. Had(still have) an 81 Cutlass Supreme and 78 Camino. Unfortunately around 2015 an acquaintance and his meth head friends stopped by and stole all my tools, wheels off the Cutty, ransacked the Camino, took everything I'd had to rebuild engine and trans, and stole my...
  4. 83 ElCamino

    EL CAMINO SouthSide Machine rear lower control arms

    Hey everybody, I've got an 83 el camino that I'm trying to install an old pair of Southside Machine Rear Lower Control arms onto. Seeing as I think GForce acquired them, and they are no longer in business, i have no idea how these are supposed to mount up. I've found instructions on ss396.com...
  5. ElcoBoy

    HELP Turn signal indicators

    Hello, I have a 78 el Camino and since I’ve had it I noticed that’s whenever I turn on the headlights or park lights the right turn signal indicator lights up. More recently both indicators will work on and off. All of the lights work perfectly fine, there just seems to be a problem with the...
  6. Sweet_Johnny

    Off The Hook: Using Oxalic Acid to Remove Rust From El Camino Bed Hooks

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I'm very glad to be a member of this forum. Thank you all for the mountain of knowledge that can be found here. Now that the intro is handled, let's get down to business. I recently purchased a set of 4 rusty chrome cargo hooks and a pair of very rusty...
  7. SaikotheSergal

    New owner of a '78 EL Camino Conquista

    Hey Guys! First time actually owning a G-Body, Was given to me by my grandfather (unless you count my destroyed 79 Caprice Estate, *Insert G/A body joke here*) Let me list some specs: - 350 with a Quadrajet from some 80's Camaro (80k miles), My grandfather doesn't remember specific year, It has...
  8. 78Delta88

    Choo Choo El Camino

    Some one might be interested in this one. Price seems about right.
  9. S

    Passenger window wont work

    When I got my el Camino, both windows worked as they should, but out of nowhere, the passenger one stopped working. I tested it and there’s no power to switch or the window motor, anyone know what could be my issue?
  10. Phreaktor

    Can I use El Camino replacement axle back frame rails on a Monte Carlo?

    Found a guy selling the kit for $100 a side, but the EC has two body mounts on the rail and the MC has one. Are they identical otherwise? Can I just cut off the extra body mount if necessary and use the EC rail?
  11. RescuedElk

    Sputtering when flooring it

    Hello and thanks in advance! I have slowly been learning and building a 78 el camino, with a abc 350/th350. I managed to get the engine running and finally took it out on the road. At first take off car felt fine but when I floored the gas the car begins to sputter and feels sluggish. On idle...
  12. G

    Thermostat question

    I have a 185 degree thermostat in my el camino at the moment, when the car is first cold it gets up to almost 200-210 degrees before the thermostat opens up and cools off the engine. Afterwards it acts completely normal. Is this typical behavior or should I replace it?
  13. LukeZ

    Hate to be one of those guys - bad starter solenoid?

    Hi all, Its been a looong while since I’ve logged on here - I hate to be the guy that only participates when he needs help! Promise I’ll try to be a little more active haha To make a long story short, I’ve got an 86 El Camino with a stock 305. She’s been sitting all winter so I went to jump...
  14. 80elky

    El camino floor shifter

    What is the process for switching a 1980 el camino from a bench seat/column shifter to a bucket seat/floor shifter setup? I really like the look of these and was considering making the change myself but I want to know what all it entails. And for those who have done it, what kind of seats and...
  15. 80elky

    Wiring harness compatibility

    Will a wiring harness from a 1978 el camino fit my 1980? The wiring harness is for a 350 and mine original engine was swapped for a 350. I don't need it to be an exact replacement, I can add in things or change things, but would it be pretty close?
  16. 4

    EL CAMINO 350/290 swap from 305

    Hey everyone. Cam finally went flat in my original 305. I’ve been looking into the most amount of power I can get with still passing California smog. Looks like that fresh Chevrolet crate 350/290 is the way to go for me, it’s a daily driver but I take it to shows too. They come with a 222 cam...
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    My new t shirt decals "ELCOHOLIC"
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  19. 20191109_110842.jpg


    Bout to take her out
  20. M

    New to the forum, just bought my first car an 83 El Camino (Also looking for some help with doorlocks)

    Hello everyone, Im Manuel an 18 year old from Madrid, Spain (from across the pond) and I just bought my first car an 83 El Camino. Some historyof the car : It was brought to Spain in the early 2000s where it went through some strange facelift (I kinda like it) and it then sat for about 5 years...

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