1. hurstoldsal

    American Racing Oldsmobile Big Block Headers Question

    Hello everyone, I've recently been considering putting headers back on my car and the general consensus seems to be that American Racing Headers are the way to go. With my old headers on the 455 it was a nightmare to change the starter. I had to drop the header and lift the motor a few inches up...
  2. FluoFerret

    Exhaust Manifolds

    Hello! I am looking to install a new exhaust system on my 78 Lemans, and I need some help, as my thoughts are stuck and I can't make up my mind. Here's what I am stuck with: Engine is a "mild performance" 350cui Chevy Small Block with a 600cfm Edelbrock Carb. Options for the exhaust system...
  3. Street Sweeper22

    Hedman Headers

    has anyone installed hedman headers 68410 on their Buick 3.8? If so what do you think?
  4. commandercool86

    El Camino Headers

    1987 Elco, dropping in a 383 soon and was looking for suggestions on headers that would be best for my build. Shorties, long tube, medium length? She'll be high revving, E-Tec 170 aluminum heads. 9.72:1 CR. Automatic, column shift, regular starter, g-force cross member. I've been reading around...
  5. Tyler J

    Side Pipes!

    I have a set of side pipes on my El Camino that originally came with fiberglass packed baffles that stretched the whole length of the car. When I did my motor swap, I wanted to squeeze every bit of power out of the new motor as possible so I decided to remove those restrictive baffles. Now I...
  6. Pharozen

    Rocket 350: I need Headers and Exhaust Feedback

    I'm restoring a 1979 Cutlass Calais t-top with an Olds Rocket 350, 2004r trans, 2500 stall converter, edlebrock aluminum dual plane intake, edlebrock (chevy) carb 795 cfm, 3.73 posi traction rear-end, etc.... The next step in the process for me is to start looking at exhaust and header options...
  7. rmorman

    Power Steering Bracket for use with headers

    Hello, I'm looking for a power steering mount for my 1979 Monte Carlo. It has Hooker Super Comp headers. The power steering pump is the factory unit in the factory location. Without the cast iron exhaust manifolds, I lose the mounting point for the power steering adjustment. I Was just...

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