Can I remove a lower A arm bolt without completely disassembling the suspension ?

    Sorry if I over explain my situation. I've been in the process of putting my front suspension back into the car. I already fully installed the drivers side, except for fully threading on the A arm nuts. I was doing the same on the passenger side and decided to start tightening the nuts. I...
  2. S

    UMI front suspension kit CLUNKING!

    Hello everyone, before I rant about my bad financial decisions I would like to introduce my car. I have a 1981 gmc caballero with a 305/th350 combo. I recently installed a UMI front suspension kit for my g-body, specifically the corner max kit that comes with the 3056 adjustable upper control...
  3. S

    New Member on board.

    First GM, first G Body. I have always wanted an El Camino. So I got one. 1987 El Camino. Thanks for having me. My intentions are simple. Upgrade Rear Axle and suspension. Ladder Bars and Coil overs. Ford 9". T400 Trans built for kill, With a Brake. Front Suspension Upgrade with All...
  4. E84MC

    Driver or passenger side control arm?

    Please help... I’m putting my suspension back together and I don’t remember which upper control arm is the driver or passenger side? I ordered a set of umi uppers and they have a curve to them. I think the longer end goes to the front? Thanks! The picture is the driver side.
  5. CaliWagon83

    Suspension & Brake Combos - What Works, What Doesn't?

    Going off a post made by Ace Burt, who mentioned that some of the aftermarket suspensions don't work well with aftermarket brake kits, I was wondering if I could get some feedback from you guys about experiences with suspensions and performance brake kits. What parts are needed to make them...
  6. CaliWagon83

    Suspension recommendations for sporty regular/daily driver?

    Hi all. As you know, I'm still at the early/exploratory stages of building my wagon. The finished product will be substantially more powerful than it is currently, and I want a suspension to match. I don't plan on drag racing it, and most likely won't autocross it, although I might, and want a...
  7. 83reeeegal

    Drop shocks

    What's up guys! it's been about two weeks since I last interacted with my regal, I ended up changing the old mechanical fuel pump... considering a conversion to electric pretty soon. however so far, so good still. On the other hand it's time to start working on the suspension, I just received my...
  8. S

    Another 78 monte question about front lower A-arm bushings

    When installing an A-arm the front bushing fits snug in the bracket but the rear bushing has about a 1/4 gap in it. Basically,Is it supposed to have a gap in it and supported by the front or is there supposed to be spacers in the back bushing?
  9. S

    Another F-41 question on my 78 monte carlo...

    Hey guys, got another question on the springs on my 78 monte carlo. With the rear springs, which end is the top? The end with the more tightly compressed springs on the less looking compressed springs? I didn't pay attention when I pulled them out and now I cant remember. On the front springs...
  10. S

    78 Monte Carlo F-41 suspension question.....

    Hi everyone!! Just made this account. So nice to see that there is so many other people out there with the passion to rebuild these cars. Let me give you all some background about what we have going on. So my dad and I have been buying, selling, rebuilding corvettes for what seems like a...
  11. Tyler J

    78 El Camino front coil springs?

    I was wondering if anyone had ran into the issue i'm having with my coil springs. I recently installed all new front suspension Moog components including coil springs. I installed Moog 5604 springs which should be for a V8 A/C car. I left upper and lower control arm bolts loose to allow them to...
  12. Ben

    Building the cutlass

    So, I'm trying to figure out some parts to get, what brands to do, and what to put in my car. I daily drive it, but I want to put parts in that can with stand speed and being beat on. I got prices for stock replacements (not all parts I need) on I'm looking to daily the car, but...

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