Best sub $100 job you did to your GBody


G-Body Guru
Apr 15, 2009
eastern SD
What's the story with the keyless entry module? Is it a standalone module?(doesn't need a bcm) Do you just run power and ground to it and connect it to the lock solenoids? thread sums it up pretty good. It's been at least 5 years....but yeah pretty simple.....wire to power, ground, door lock relay, trunk actuator, program the FOB....and you are good to go. Local U pull it gets around $10 for the module. FOB goes for around $20 on ebay.
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Royal Smart Person
Dec 29, 2019
Tukwila, Wa.
I think my bucket seat upgrade qualifies, IIRC the seats were only about $60 at the wrecking yard, plus a few bucks for the hardware to build the new mounts. They came from a Wbody vehicle, a '97 Cutlass? I think?
Not sure if this other upgrade qualifies, I had purchased a New Relics electric window conversion kit for the Caballero, but used some old OEM motors from the wrecking yard. Later, the driver side window on the El Camino quit, so I used a motor from the conversion kit to replace it. Free, since it was originally purchased for a different project.
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Master Mechanic
Mar 13, 2018
Mesa, AZ
I completed the RKE mod as well and love it, forgot about that actually. The write up provided was exactly what I did and all worked out perfectly. Just make sure the fob you purchase on ebay SPECIFICALLY states its for the correct year of Lumina/MC. Otherwise it will not work with the module even if the remotes look and function exactly the same.
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Nov 15, 2014
Des Moines, Iowa
Junkyard Jounce bars a few years ago, 23$ junkyard tape deck my first birthday after I got the car. All combined probably about $50 lol.
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Master Mechanic
Feb 29, 2012
Indian Rocks Beach, FL
The single best improvement I made to the wagon and the elky was to add a rear sway bar. When I did it, finding a good one in the boneyard was pretty easy to do. I think the last one I got was $20. At that time if I were in a boneyard and saw one, I just got it, whether I needed it or not. There are a few El Caminos down here with boneyard swaybars I picked up. Unfortunately, at least down here in FL, finding one now is near impossible. Still, it was the best handling improvement I made to either
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abbey castro

G-Body Guru
Oct 31, 2015
Harker Hts TX
Added a Vacuum Gage
ClusterLEDs (5).jpg
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Thread starter
May 6, 2015
Waxed the car to show a reflection, not bad for 34 year old paint:

While back change the stock wheel out for one from and unknow other Chevrolet, might have bought this used on this board but cannot remember:
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Aug 16, 2021
North Alabama
My personal favorite is some hyundai tiburon seats I picked up for $50. If you drive the car a lot a good seat makes a big difference.
$10 cup holder is right there with it
.5” taller ball joints make a big difference at $50 each if I recall
I also can vouch for the 97-00 Monte keyless system. Mine is tucked up above the door lock relays and works awesome for $30. My only gripe is the truck button is too touchy. I pop it by accident with my keys in my pocket.
Astrovan steering shaft is a steal at $15 from the junkyard
95-05 crown Vic transmission crossmember is great if your wanting dual exhaust. $20 at the junk yard
And $70 in cheap speakers because all of mine where blown when I got the car.
Any of these things can be done in a weekend and will be very rewarding after.


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