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Mar 22, 2018
Put a Pontiac 400 in my 86 Grand Prix with a built 200R4 trans from Extreme Automatic and Quick Performance rearend , Ram Air Restoration exhaust and too many other parts to mention. Wife thought that would never end. Finally drove it to Crystal Lake IL last year for a car show and got honorable mention award went again this year (that was fun) went to a local show and on the way home, a very hard working deer hunted me down and made sure l was not finished.
O yeah, long branch manifolds don’t work on a gbody. And l’m in need of a grill.


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long branch manifolds don’t work on a gbody.
I thought they did. Don't they drop down in the same spot as a Firebird? What was the problem? EDIT: Nevermind- I see it. In your pic you have the '67-'69 manifolds. The steering is behind the axle. You need the '70 up manifolds. The steering is before the axle. Also- NICE CAR!!
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Yeah, l went with the Ram air manifolds. If l didn’t need the rear mounts for the lower control arms they’d slid in nicely.
Nice GP, too bad for the deer. I can confirm what Bonnewagon says. You need the RamAir manifolds for a 68-72 GTO/Lemans. That's what I have in my Lemans with a 400 and they fit perfect. If you get the downpipes from RamAirRestaurations, they fit right also through my Jegs crossmember.
Absoutely beautiful and I *Love!!!* that Pontiac Arrow hood Ornament. It took me a few years to even track one down for my 1979! I am almost finished with my car also. Belts should arrive today.
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Nice car, and that sucks about the deer. I did the 400/TH200R4 swap on my old '85 using Hedman 3-tube headers but manifolds are the way to go.


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