Holley Terminator vs. Fitech ultimate ls



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May 22, 2011
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Yeah if you look quick you won't notice in his thread title. Kind of hidden on the second line.


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Feb 20, 2018
I have the 400 horse version of the FI Tech and most of the hush-hush is due to the fact that the software is probably not American written and there are issues with copyright and patent; not that it has probably not been stolen and tweaked all ready. Had no problems with the Tech site; they did answer my e-mails just not the same day.

Posted on this elsewhere but summarily this system as delivered owns just enough basic data to start itself once you do all the hardware work. It has to teach itself and to do that you have to drive it. In my case I personally had to take a run at the idle settings on the unit and am still playing with the throttle idle stop screw ever so gently. The Holley is a good system but you may need to add an MSD unit and lock out the advance on the timer to get it to play nicely.
Steve 82 Elly

Steve 82 Elly

Feb 2, 2020
Thanks for all the info. Looks like Holley is the way to go!!!
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