How to free a stuck piston ring

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Jul 23, 2018
"Freezer Filling?" Nope, not even on a bet. If you don't get it hung and bled out as soon as possible, you are just asking for trouble. Most hunters, once they get one, field dress it almost on the spot to prevent the meat from spoiling. Seen one in a guy's garage when I was young; had it hanging from the rafters by a chain fall. Just waiting for the meat to cool a little before introducing it to the butcher.

Thing around here is, if you hit on the highway and kill it, the carcass is yours if you can load it and drive off. (Yeah, right) Otherwise the bodies go out the local reserve for them to harvest. On my way back from the cities in June, a one ton truck would have entirely useful as there must have been 5-6 of them on the shoulder and all very recent kills. Just hard to recover from an interstate.


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Feb 20, 2018
Which makes my point about having to hang the carcass to bleed/drain it out quite nicely. Not sure if doing it that publicly is necessary but the caption does say Texas so there is that. All I see here is a hunter who is trying to multi task by having the carcass hang while he is still in the process of returning from the hunt. Ingenuity and initiative, which, of course, is going to make some bambi hugger scream animal abuse. Like I pointed out earlier and you can see for yourself, Rats with Antlers.
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