Interior paint



Jul 12, 2018
Has anyone tried interior paint from if so how good was it thanks.


May 22, 2017
Indianapolis, In
yea they pretty much are. i got the SEM paint and it was pretty good, but i couldnt find an exact match to my panels


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Mar 11, 2019
Atlanta GA
I used Gbodies restomod paint in Maple.
Its a bit light compared to the factory color.
First pic is factory panel
Second is a maroon panel painted maple, same arm rest i believe but not positive.
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Sep 14, 2014
Elderton, Pa
I wonder who they use for what they mix. What I saw on the site was their own label. If it's SEM, PPG, Axalta (DuPont), BASF (brands off the top of my head) then it should be OK. I prefere PPG myself & have great experiance with thier products. But the main thing everyone has to keep in mind is recoloring or changing the color of parts to match the original will not be 100% even matching NOS parts protected from the elements & light. Even when new everything wasn't a perfect match due to dye lots, reformulations, different materials used for each part. Then add age/enviroment/weather/light to what you have now. Even how & what was used to clean (if ever cleaned) the interior parts will alter the shade over time. With the recolor, how long it has been since the color was mixed, the change in air temps from when the first piece to the last one was done, even how it is hung/placed (like flat on horses/stand, hanging it like it wound be mounted) will alter what the final apperance of the hue will be. But there are those with the right luck that it all is good. Best is black cause nobody notices unless it's too flat or glossy.
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Doug Chahoy

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Nov 21, 2016
I had SEM mixed at a reputable paint shop,100% perfect match to the 96 Camaro leather seats I got. The paint book had 3 different neutrals listed for 96 Camaro. He picked the right one. I’ll get more when I’m ready to finish my interior.


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Mar 10, 2010
Small town NY
SEM will mix to match your panels from what I understand.....
This is 100% correct. The womans name is Ann Zolle and she does an amazing job. Ive had her mix a few things for me and she got the match perfect on all of them. I just sent her pieces that I needed the Color Coat to match. She does a small spray out on the back and you cant even see where she did them. She gives you an option. She'll send the formula with your pieces or you can buy directly from them. Ive always done it that way. If the mix is off when its done she can adjust it right there. Its a little more money because of the hazmat shipping.
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