It rust free....

Nov 4, 2012
Lol. I'm just busting your balls. Reading your thread now is motivation to finish mine. The guys have been fair but pretty ruthless. I bet it'll stop when you get another one.

I knew I was gonna catch plenty of flak for it, I deserve some of it 😁
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Apr 25, 2015
pa hill billy hell
I aint a SNOWFLAKE.. so i aint butthurt about the ball bustin , I just work alot and i dont get online alot execpt for pornhub...
Plus i appreciate any help from yall.

Got some new to me parts like a heat only system..actually scored 2 of them complete with everything to install in a gbody that came with ac. Trim, door panels...bed floor withrear mounts...frame... yep a better frame

Someone was restoring this el. The frames been repaired and has new stainless bràke lines, hoses, calipers, backing stainless fuel line. Even got a new floor pan and it can with a title... furure rat rod? 4x4 el?
Screenshot_20220812-211345_Samsung Internet.jpg
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