Most Common G-Body Problems



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Aug 23, 2010
San Angelo, TX
How about the fact that the stock front brakes suck? Metric D154 calipers with 10.5" rotors just don't cut it.
Solution for 15" wheels is upgrading to 2WD Blazer brakes with 11" rotors.

Better upgrades require larger wheels.
'98-'02 Camaro LS1 brakes with 12" rotors fit with 16" wheels.
C5 Corvette brakes with 13" rotors need 17" wheels.


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Jul 19, 2009
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How about the fact that the stock front brakes suck? Metric D154 calipers with 10.5" rotors just don't cut it.
They were better than drum brakes, 20 years before.

Biggest problem: finite, decreasing supply. Solution, keep your eyes peeled, have cash, have a towing rig, find a barn to hide them in until you are ready to rework one.


Jan 3, 2017
Can't drive or leave anywhere for fear of being stolen.
Fix; garage, alarms and various antiteft, park in view whrn possible and good insurance, especially good insurance.

Many of the other items listed (door hinge bushings, window seals and plastics) were problems when they were relatively new.

Water pumps were always going out on 3.8's. It was common and could lead to overheating as people I knew would keep driving because it was "just a little drip" from the weep hole. I would just replace mine every year as they were only $20


Mar 13, 2018
LOL...This topic is funny. My dad always owned 81 Malibu coupes when we were kids. He had like 6 different ones. Then when my brothers and me were old enough to drive we had them. My personal favorite is the Cutlass. We have experimented all these issues, but I would have to say the worst issue to me is the rust. Rusty cars suck, it turns a car into a money pit and pile of junk. Its almost impossible to find a solid door in this section of the country. Additionally the Buick 231 engines are absolute garbage I remember the oil pump would always go bad, destroying the engine. Another problem is that these cars just don't bring good money yet. They are gaining some value, but its really not a bad thing because they are one of best cars to get into the hobby with. Everybody thinks that their car is rolling across the auction block and worth way more than what it is. This has caused classic cars to be unobtainable for the average guy. When all the classic car hype is over, it will be the average guy who is still into the hobby. Lastly with my experiences restoring cars I believe that the g bodies are some of the easiest cars to work on. You can build really nice g body for less than $10,000. Try that with one of the popular 60's muscle cars.


Feb 7, 2019
*Lacquer paint cracking or fading (REPAINT)
*Headliners falling down (REPLACE)
*bumper fillers drying out, cracking falling apart (REPLACE)
*Power antennas failing (REAL fun job, REPLACE)
*weather stripping deterioration, cracking along windows (REPLACE)
*T Top equipped cars, prone to rot along windshield pillars and in other areas, if so (DO NOT BUY...RUN)
*Diesel equipped vehicles 4.3 V6 and or 5.7 V8 prone to head gasket failure (REPLACE)
*Rear window squeaking from dried seals from age ( REMOVE AND REPLACE SEALS)
*Hood insulation degrading (shredding -pulling apart) from leaking AC oil contaminants and engine fan air force (REPLACE)
*dash cracking form ozone and time (REPLACE/REPAIR)
*seat belts not retracting without several tugs ( REPLACE UNIT)
*Seating material tears, rips and fading from poor quality materials, age, time and ozone. ( REUPHOLSTER)
*Interior door pull strap beauty clips always missing or falling off from loosening Philip head screws behind beauty clips ( REPLACE- KEEP SCREW TIGHT)

These were truly amazing cars, and most and all issues are related to age and use.

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